Rowkin Mini review: world’s smallest wireless bluetooth earphone

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The smaller the better has never been truer than when describing Bluetooth headphones and there’s none smaller than the Rowkin Mini. While it’s true that the size is incredible and that the Rowkin Mini ($59.99 on Amazon) has a truly neat charger, it’s not flawless. It’s probably not for everyone, but I can help you decide if it’s right for you based on my testing.

Bluetooth headsets really seem to have gone out of fashion in the last several years — probably because they are, in fact, not very fashionable. But a device like the Rowkin Mini could change that.

Portable Charging Case

I want to start by talking about what is probably the coolest feature of the Rowkin Mini (aside from it’s tiny size, of course). And that is the small, cylindrical wireless charger that can easily fit in your pants pocket.

The charger has a magnetic end on it — that’s where the earpiece actually connects (hence the wireless connectivity). But you still need to charge the wireless charger and that does require a short USB cable.

Popping the earpiece into the charger is effortless and, to be honest, pretty fun. It zips into place with a satisfying click and gets to charging. It’s a very convenient charging system.

I’d say that the charging cylinder is about the length and width of a grown man’s index finger.

Sound Quality & Connection

When it comes to sound quality the Rowkin Mini is acceptable: when it works. It’s not the world’s best audio but neither is it the worst. Let’s face it: earphones usually have one great feature and in Rowkin Mini’s case that is definitely the small size.

It’s not that a small earphone can’t have incredible sound — it’s more that a small earphone can’t have incredible sound at this price point. I have, for instance, tested earphones that have two different speakers inside: one dedicated to mids and high and one dedicated to lows (bass). Those earphones (while not wireless and geared more toward an audiophile audience) were about eight times the price of the Rowkin Wireless.

But the target audience for a device like this is more concerned with utility. More specifically, talking on the phone (and in this case as inconspicuously as possible). And that audience will find that they will be somewhat to mostly happy with the Rowkin Mini.

I say mostly ...

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