Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors, Amazon Music Unlimited and DIY iPhone Cases

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: It’s a good thing for Samsung that the Galaxy S8 is expected to be announced in a few short months. We’re expecting two screen sizes — a 5.1-inch and a 5.5-inch — curved screens, a possible dual-lens camera system and maybe an all-screen front surface. Expect an announcement in February with a release in March (and go back and watch our iPhone 8 rumors video if you missed it). Source

Amazon Takes on Spotify and Apple Music: Amazon just announced Amazon Music Unlimited which is set to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. Unlike the much more limited Amazon Prime Music this new service will feature tens of millions of songs and will be a lot smarter when paired with an Amazon Echo. And the pricing is aggressive: if you only want to play music on your Echo it’s as low as $3.99/mo — otherwise you’re looking at $7.99/mo for Prime members. Source

DIY iPhone Cases Made from Water Bottles: People in Japan are making their own iPhone cases out of Evian water bottles. Everyone seems to have their own technique but it basically includes cutting out Evian logos and attaching them to clear iPhone cases. If you want to try it yourself for some reason you can find the instructions in the link in the description. Source

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