See Further: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

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Isaac Newton is famous for saying that if he saw further than other people it was because he stood on the shoulders of giants. In his case he was referring to the science foundations laid by those who came before him. You know, you can do the exact same thing. There is no reason why you must do everything on your own. Whatever your industry is, state your goals then go out there and find the giants whose shoulders you can stand on to see further than you could on your own. Whose work/experience/errors/successes can you build off of? It doesn’t have to be a person–it could be a brand or even a movement.

For me, with DailyTekk, I look to the experience of people like Michael Arrington from TechCrunch. I even made a tribute post thanking him for paving the way for me in what I am trying to accomplish. An obvious brand that I, and many other people, connect with is Apple. As a designer I love the simplicity of the products–the focus that Steve Jobs brought is something I strive to incorporate into my own business. I’m also standing on the shoulders of the people involved in the Bauhaus Movement which began in the famous modern art school of the same name in the 20th century. These people all accomplished so much that I am standing on today to see further than were I to stand on my own two feet.

Who are your giants?

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