Seriously: Best iPhone Case Ever (Carbon Trim Solutions Review)

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Ever since I got an iPhone I’ve been searching for the thinnest, strongest best-looking iPhone case: the opposite of a fatty, over-padded monstrosity. The more it disappears when viewed from the front and the cooler it looks from the back, the better. That’s the description of my ideal iPhone case. And I just found the closest thing to it I’ve ever come across: the carbon fiber iPhone case from Carbon Trim Solutions.

Made out of aerospace-grade carbon fiber — the same kind found on exotic cards — packaged in a sanded, polished finish, this is one stylish phone case.

Unlike the last luxury iPhone case I tested just a week or so ago (which was a Marble case from Mikol) the buttons, ports and camera are all given plenty of breathing room. More specifically the buttons are very easy to press. This case is the perfect balance of screaming style and usability; it adds a unique flair to your phone but at the same time it gets out of the way so you can actually use your phone like it wasn’t even wearing a case.

So lets talk about carbon fiber. It’s known for literally being stronger than steel and yet super light. In fact it’s strength to weight ratio far exceeds any metal according to It’s used in products ranging from spacecraft to aircraft to hockey sticks and golf clubs. It’s also used by the military for all kinds of stuff, so the fact that you can wrap your iPhone in this incredible material is pretty awesome in and of itself.

So like you’d expect this case is absolutely extremely light (like it literally feels lighter than a feather) and I love the fact that it doesn’t completely cover up the rear of the iPhone. Any case that had this exact design would already be top of my list but the fact that it’s made out of carbon fiber just makes it that much cooler. In terms of strength there’s a little bit of give and flex if you try to bend it but you can tell it’s really, really strong — which is amazing for a case this thin. It’s also really easy to install and remove which is important because some thin cases really aren’t.

But I did of course find a few small things to gripe about. First, this case is a bit slippery if you go with the glossy finish instead of the matte. Still, it’s less slippery than a naked iPhone. And speaking of the glossy finish you’re sure to notice quite a few fingerprints when the light hits the case just right. Finally, the top and bottom edges of the case could extend just slightly more; as it is the bottom of my iPhone sits flat on a surface with no protection so I would like to see a bit of an air gap there in the next version of this case.

So what’s my recommendation? I really, truly love this case from design to style to build. If you’ve got $80 to $90 dollars to spend on an iPhone case don’t hesitate to click buy. It is without a doubt my new personal favorite iPhone case, much less the best luxury case I’ve ever tested.

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