Sessions: Online Health Coaching that Works

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logo3Health (and everything it encompasses like exercising and eating right) is so important, but far to few people (myself included) really nail down an awesome (much less effective) health routine. My wife and I have often complained how much easier it must be for celebrities with their personal trainers. To put it delicately, if you’ve got a monkey on your back telling you, “Do this! Don’t do that!” you’re more likely to stay on track. If it’s just up to you and your own conscience… not so much. Fitness trackers are awesome for what they are… trackers, but I haven’t found them to be quite as effective when it comes to motivating.

That’s why I’m really excited about a new service I learned about recently called Sessions. It’s online health coaching that is guaranteed to work. The program is broken down into preparation, actual change and then maintenance. Your coach can support you via video, through email and with text messages (for $79 a month you can get monthly phone consultations and unlimited email and texting). This is a great idea. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Nick Crocker, the founder of Sessions, illustrated just how well the program works with this example: “There was a woman who came to us inactive, started a walking habit, then did Couch-To-5k and then a year later, crossed the finish line of the NY Marathon with her whole family by her side screaming and cheering. To see her journey and the thrill she had, is pretty fulfilling.”

Nick and his team put a lot of effort into researching what works and doesn’t for real people. As he says, “Before we launched the product, we exchanged more than 50,000 messages with our beta users – we had to be sure what we were doing worked before we let it loose on the public!”

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