Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

The simplehuman magnifying sensor mirror is a stainless steel beauty must-have. This gadget is a staple for ensuring a flawless finish to your morning (or evening) routine. The price ($200) seems a bit steep when compared to many other cheap countertop mirrors on the market. But this item is a high quality investment. The 8” sensor mirror includes features you’d never imagine a mirror to have. The sensor will automatically light up when you get near. It has a rechargeable battery which notifies you when the mirror is running low. One charge will last up to five weeks! Surgical-grade LEDs are included in simplehuman’s tru-lux light system. But what does that mean? It translates to a reflection which shows every detail in a full color spectrum and much greater brightness than traditional light up mirrors. If you look good in surgical-grade light then you’ll look good anywhere! Also, LEDs last much longer than traditional bulbs so that means your mirror will work like new for many years. So basically, the 5 year warranty speaks for itself.

The sensor mirror felt like unveiling a work of art out of the box. The quality of light is quite amazing and will ensure that you’re prepared for the day in any atmosphere. And the mirror’s cordless design will fit right in on your countertop without adding a cluttered feeling.

All in all, this tool will elevate your routine and make you question what you’ve done without it up until now. It’s definitely worth adding to your wish list or giving as a gift if you have the budget!

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