Siri: 150 Examples Of What You Can Ask Apple’s Personal Assistant

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Siri is one of my favorite Apple products. In fact, I’ve been using it since before the Apple acquisition. But even though I’ve been using Siri for several years now, I just realized how many voice commands I could issue that I had no idea about. That’s because Apple just released an awesome new website for Siri that breaks everything down for you. I’ve gone through the site and picked out the commands I—and perhaps you—didn’t know about already (and I’ve bolded them below to make them easy to find). You’ll also find other things you can tell/ask Siri here as well as this is a pretty comprehensive list.


  1. “Tell Jim ‘I’ll be right there’”
  2. “Any new mail from Pam?”
  3. “What’s trending on Twitter?”
  4. “Call back my last missed call”
  5. “Find tweets with the hashtag TheOffice”
  6. “Where is Stanley?” — Siri can locate contacts signed into the Find My Friends app.
  7. “Tweet ‘Tan everywhere Jan everywhere hashtag Jamaica’”
  8. “Michael Scott is my brother” — Tell Siri how you are connected to people.
  9. “Learn to pronounce Phyllis Lapin-Vance” — Teach Siri how to correctly pronounce names of contacts.
  10. “Tweet with my location ‘Scranton is awesome’”
  11. “Post to Facebook ‘You’ve got to eat at Chilis while singing about baby back ribs’”
  12. “Text Angela ‘Can’t wait exclamation point smiley’”
  13. “Read my last message from Andy”
  14. “FaceTime Ryan”
  15. “Call Dwight at work”
  16. “Do I have any new voicemail?”
  17. “Call 911”
  18. “Do I have any new texts from Darryl?”
  19. “Reply ‘Thanks for the update’” — Siri, as a dictator 😉
  20. “Redial last number”
  21. “Play the last voicemail from Creed”
  22. “Get my call history”
  23. “When did Jan call me?”
  24. “Reply ’Ryan started the fire’” — Reply to texts using Siri.
  25. “Do I have any emails about the sales convention?”
  26. “Do I have any new email?”
  27. “Siri, should I call Kelly?” — Ask Siri for silly advice.
  28. “Send Kevin an email about the stinky shoes”

On The Town

  1. “Make a reservation at a romantic Italian restaurant tonight at 8 PM”
  2. “What time does Whole Foods open?”
  3. “I’m running low on gas”
  4. “Where do you live?”
  5. “What planes are flying above me?”
  6. “Where’s a good inexpensive place to eat around here?”
  7. “What’s the best restaurant in Laramie?”
  8. “I need some aspirin”
  9. “How are the reviews for Bob and Tony’s Pizza in Estes Park?”
  10. “Find coffee near me”
  11. “Where’s a good hair salon?”
  12. “What’s my ETA?”
  13. “Find me

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