Siri Is Dumb, Sony’s VR Ambitions and Huawei’s Mate 9

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Why Is Siri So Dumb? Walt Mossberg recently posed the question, “Why does Siri seem so dumb?” and it’s getting a lot of attention. Apple used to have a major lead in artificial intelligence when it bought Siri and integrated it with the iPhone 4S but now Siri disappoints people so often that they quit asking it the complex types of questions that Google and other platforms are now better at answering. I’m definitely disappointed with Siri right now — I get frustrated with it every day. Hopefully Apple makes some major improvements soon. Source

Sony Wants to Dominate High-End VR: With today’s launch of PlayStation VR Sony is hoping it can be the first company to bring virtual reality into the mainstream. The fact that there are so many PlayStation owners out there who might be interested coupled with a pretty attractive price gives Sony a pretty nice advantage over rival products like the $600 Oculus Rift and $800 HTC Vive. With spending on VR entertainment set to top $3 billion within 4 years this could be a major turning point. Source

Huawei’s New Mate 9 Phone: There’ll be a new phablet in town next month: the Huawei Mate 9. Be on the lookout for a dual-edge curved display similar to the S7 Edge and a 2K screen that’ll be compatible with Google’s Daydream VR. The only bummer here for excited Android fans might be a relatively high price tag. Source

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