Slickwraps for iPhone and Apple Watch Review

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If you want to change the look of your iPhone or Apple Watch you could get a case, but those tend to be bulky. These days a popular option is to buy a wrap or skin that gives your device a whole new feel, is relatively cheap and is much thinner than a case while still offering very basic scratch protection. See what the DailyTekk team thought about Slickwraps in the video above or check out the transcript below:

Have you heard of Slickwraps? They make wraps phones, smartwatches, tablets, computers and other gear that give them a more personal look. I really like the idea of being able to customize the look of my devices. Unfortunately during this review I ran into some issues which I think potential buyers should really know about.

There’s actually a lot of pressure for tech reviewers to make things look good and this is just one of those times where you know a company’s not going to be happy with you but where you’ve just got to be honest about the experience you had. I know other people have had good experiences with Slickwraps but that’s not how it went down for me.

At this point let me just state for the record that I really wanted to like this product. I really did. I’d seen plenty of high-profile tech YouTubers like Jonathan Morrison from TLD Today singing the praises of Slickwraps. So I asked for some samples to review.

They were nice enough to send me the Wood Series skin for the iPhone 6 Plus and the Color Series skin for the Apple Watch.

But about 2 minutes into the phone wrap installation it ripped on me. What happened was that the cutouts hadn’t lined up exactly right so I began peeling the wrap off to redo it and that’s when it tore which was a bummer because I was being careful.

To be honest I was pretty surprised because the website said easy installation and goo-free removal. I guess I took that to mean easy removal including for reapplying it if you didn’t get it 100% perfect on your first try. But that apparently isn’t the case. But the removal is in fact goo-free.

So even with the rip I decided to continue the installation to at least get some shots of the finished product. But the thing was the edges and corners just didn’t like up or lay down properly. It’s a huge pain messing with the hairdryer and carefully stretching things out trying to get everything to line up just right. In fact, I’ve noticed that in a lot of the other YouTube videos where Slickwraps are shown they’re from certain angles that don’t show the edges of the wraps up close in full crispiness and I’m wondering if this is why.

Well the iPhone wrap might have turned out to be a disaster but I thought that the Watch wrap would probably be easier and more straightforward. Actually that wasn’t the case at all. I did get things looking pretty decent with the major exception of the areas around where the Watch straps click in. I just couldn’t get them flush with the back. They stuck out no matter what I did. I will say, though, that the button parts of the wrap installed perfectly (ha).

Alright so the truth about Slickwraps, at least in my opinion, is that the phone and watch versions are not easy to install by any stretch of the imagination. Now I’m not saying they’re impossible, but I couldn’t call them easy. I’d say they’re frustrating and require a lot of patience.

Keep in mind that the installation videos make it look easy but that editing videos to make the process look easy is even easier.

I do want to mention that Slickwraps does have a GOOF policy for people who have accidents during installation. In other words if you mess up your installation and let them know within 30 days they’ll send you a free replacement (but you might have to pay for shipping). In other words, if you’re too stupid to make it work they’ll take pity on you… but really I think Slickwraps knows these are just inherently tricky products to install. That’s why the Watch wrap comes with an extra and why they sent me an extra Watch wrap for good measure (so 4 wraps in total).

I’ve got to say all you people who are installing these flawlessly (and please do show me those up close corner and edge shots) must be Slickwraps wizards. Kudos to you and you’re device wrapping skills.

Now am I saying I don’t like Slickwraps or wouldn’t recommend them? Not at all. I’m just letting you know what happened with my experience. If you see a wrap you want to try and have the patience and determination to make it happen right, go for it!

And even though I’ve had a tricky experience with with Slickwraps up until now, I will say that I’d still love to try one of the Mac wraps. It looks more straightforward, but who knows.

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