Slickwraps for iPhone and Apple Watch Review

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If you want to change the look of your iPhone or Apple Watch you could get a case, but those tend to be bulky. These days a popular option is to buy a wrap or skin that gives your device a whole new feel, is relatively cheap and is much thinner than a case while still offering very basic scratch protection. See what the DailyTekk team thought about Slickwraps in the video above or check out the transcript below:

Have you heard of Slickwraps? They make wraps phones, smartwatches, tablets, computers and other gear that give them a more personal look. I really like the idea of being able to customize the look of my devices. Unfortunately during this review I ran into some issues which I think potential buyers should really know about.

There’s actually a lot of pressure for tech reviewers to make things look good and this is just one of those times where you know a company’s not going to be happy with you but where you’ve just got to be honest about the experience you had. I know other people have had good experiences with Slickwraps but that’s not how it went down for me.

At this point let me just state for the record that I really wanted to like this product. I really did. I’d seen plenty of high-profile tech YouTubers like Jonathan Morrison from TLD Today singing the praises of Slickwraps. So I asked for some samples to review.

They were nice enough to send me the Wood Series skin for the iPhone 6 Plus and the Color Series skin for the Apple Watch.

But about 2 minutes into the phone wrap installation it ripped on me. What happened was that the cutouts hadn’t lined up exactly right so I began peeling the wrap off to redo it and that’s when it tore which was a bummer because I was being careful.

To be honest I was pretty surprised because the website said easy installation and goo-free removal. I guess I took that to mean easy removal including for reapplying it if you didn’t get it 100% perfect on your first try. But that apparently isn’t the case. But the removal is in fact goo-free.

So even with the rip I decided to continue the installation to at least get some shots of the finished product. But the thing was the edges ...

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