Small Biz Accounting & Bookkeeping Software: The 5 Best (Quickbooks Alternatives)

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If you’re like me, accounting is the least fun part of running a business. Also, if you’re like me, you hate Quickbooks. It’s old, it does too much and it feels like it’s really built for a company that isn’t mine. I run a small business and I need an accounting solution designed for such. So today I did some research and picked out a few Quickbooks alternatives that I think are the best. Depending on your needs—whether you are looking for something free or just inexpensive, something with a great interface, something with a mobile component—you’ll find some accounting software you’ll like here.


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Bench is comprised of two components: an real bookkeeper that handles your accounting and excellent software that gives you a snapshot of your cashflow. Whereas Quickbooks and the other services listed here just provide you with software and let you have at it, Bench is made for those people who really want an actual human being in the mix to watch their back and make sure all bases are covered. As Bench can securely connect to your bank account, you can literally set it and forget it—it’s the only option here where you literally don’t have to do any bookkeeping yourself.


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Wave is invoicing, accounting, payroll, payments, receipt tracking and personal finance software rolled into one. Wave is designed for small businesses with 9 employees or less; so freelancers, entrepreneurs and contractors are definitely going to want to check it out. What’s cool is that Wave’s invoicing, accounting and personal finance tools are all completely free. Wave achieves this by having brands promote offers inside of their software. If you don’t mind viewing some unobtrusive ads instead of shelling out some money it’s definitely worth a look.


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Xero bills itself as beautiful accounting software. Whereas Wave appears to merely have a mobile invoicing app, Xero has a full mobile app where you can keep track of all of your business’s money. Xero handles everything Wave does but also includes over 350 third-party apps. That means you can integrate Xero with other apps ranging from Square to Harvest to Zenpayroll to Expensify. One thing Xero does that others don’t on this list is help you manage inventory.


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LessAccounting, designed for use by companies with less than 20 employees (with less than $20m in revenue). It focuses on 3 workflows to help ...

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