Smart Bikes: The 10 Best New Biking Tech Accessories

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Yesterday, while creating a post called The 5 Best New Electric Bikes: Innovation Meets Style and Performance, I realized while researching just how many awesome smart bike accessories there are out there. They were begging to be curated. I’m not even a biker but these bike accessories had me drooling. I mean smart bike locks? Bike-specific navigation systems (with super-cool lights)? Laser-driven bike lights? There’s some seriously cool innovation happening in the bike world.

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Vanhawks Valour


Okay, so I know the title of this post says best new biking tech accessories but I couldn’t resist throwing in an actual full-fledged smart bike. I think it’s an option you should know about from the get go since the idea behind many of the products below is to make a non-smart bike smarter (but here’s a bike with some smarts already baked-in). The Vanhawks Valour smart bike has blind spot sensors, navigation lights/display, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a speed sensor, a GPS receiver and more. It also comes with an app that will give you access to your ride metrics, the best bike routes and will help prevent bike theft via the Mesh network. Get yours for $1,249.



The SmartHalo, which was funded on Kickstarter (so you know people really wanted to get their hands on it), has so many cool features. It’s basically a little circular device that installs permanently on your handlebars (as in it’s not easy to steal) and opens up a wide world of information. It’s display will help you navigate, the ultra-bright light will automatically turn on when it gets dark, you’ll get call, sms and weather alerts and notifications, and — importantly — the device acts as an anti-theft deterrent. The app also lets you track cycling metrics like time, distance, average speed, elevation, calories and more.



The Skylock is a smart bike lock. That means it connects with your phone via Bluetooth (and has a 200m range) in order to do more than just lock your bike. Features include keyless unlocking (when your phone is in the vicinity), the ability to send a crash alert if it detects that you’ve been in a serious accident, a theft alert if it detects someone trying to steal your bike, auto-locking, tap to unlock (via the capacitive touch interface) and ...

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