5 things your smartphone does to make you angry

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Smartphones are awesome, but they aren’t perfect. I don’t think a day goes by where my own phone doesn’t do something that ticks me off. Sure, sometimes it’s a small thing, but I’m a millennial: I can’t wait for stuff. I need instant gratification—NOW! To celebrate the small things that drive us nuts about our incredibly smart devices, here’s 5 things your smartphone can do to make you very angry.

5. When an app you’re using crashes as the worst time

Just as you’ve finished typing in a calendar event or have put in the final touches to an email or text message… it’s all gone.

4. When your battery runs out

Why did I play so much Angry Birds… Why?!

3. When you can’t connect to the Internet for anything

What will I do if I can’t connect? How will I live? How will I breathe? Who is going to pay for this? Oh, there we go. All good now.

2. When a hair gets stuck between your case and phone… and won’t come out

Get out of there funky hair. I said get out! Get OOOOUUUUTTTTT.

1. When you can’t find your phone anywhere

And then you find it in the most obvious place.

Image via Flickr user Lara604.

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