Smartphone cars: how technology is turning the average automobile into the Batmobile

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Technology is now just as stylish as it is useful. We live in a world where our smartphones are very much part of our daily lives and feeling lost without them is pretty much the norm. We all know (and love that) our smartphones are able to link up with our car so we can take calls, play music and even send messages through voice activation. But technology has pushed the boundaries to the future once again – with the help of a single app you’re now able to locate, start and even control your car with just the touch of your smartphone.


Using your smartphone as a SatNav is pretty much the standard in 2016. Thanks to recent advancements in vehicle tracking, we’re able to push our smartphones that little bit further, using our trusty devices to locate and direct us towards our cars. Vehicle tracking provides you with real time information so your smartphone will constantly be up to date on where your car is at a given time. In 2016 forgetting where you parked your car isn’t such a bad thing.


Technology has brought starting cars into the future. RFID car keys have been around for a while, but thanks to advancements in app technology you can now start your car using just your phone. With access to either WiFi or a stable cellular network you get unlimited range with which you can access your vehicle a smartphone or even a desktop. With the weather turning colder you can simply turn your engine on and warm up the car before you even finish your morning cup of coffee.

You can stay linked with your car constantly through the day as well. Worried about if you locked your car door? Check your phone. Worried about whether you left a window cracked? Check your phone. Wondering if your car has been broken into? Again, just check your phone.


If these apps seem like they might cost a pretty penny, fear not. There are already a fair few apps on the market to choose from, offering a range different features depending on your price range. Some of the apps even allow you to view and track journeys – if want to see if your son is speeding after borrowing your car, just check your phone. Other app plans are specifically designed for business use purposes, allowing companies to keep track of their employees using alerts and other trip reporting features.

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