Video: Speck CandyShell Fit Apple Watch Case Review (In 4K)

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So you spent somewhere between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars on a new Apple Watch. You probably want to do everything you can to protect your investment from getting scratched or cracked.

That’s where the Speck CandyShell Fit Watch Case comes in. Now let’s get something out of the way right away: yes, an Apple Watch wearing this case looks dorkier than a naked Apple Watch. No mystery there. But that’s not the point.

There are times when you want to take your Watch into the danger zone. Exercising comes to mind. The last thing you want to do at the gym is smash your Watch into some equipment your walking past. Or drop it on the hard locker room floor if you take it off. Or drop something heavy on it. Or what if you’re rock climbing or hiking or mountain biking through a heavily forested area? Or what if you’re just a dork and you want to protect your phone all day everyday even though you’re just at your computer?

Anyways, there are definitely times when this would come in handy. As I’ve been testing it for several days, the thing that has stuck out most to me is how light it is. Honestly, you wouldn’t even know it was there if you didn’t look. So that means it’s also not uncomfortable in any way.

The Apple Watch is still very usable when wearing this case. The Digital Crown is still surprisingly easy to get to as is the side button if you need to double tap for Apple Pay or reach a favorite contact.

Installation is super simple and doesn’t take long at all. This thing literally just pops on and off in the blink of an eye.

It’ll definitely protect your Watch from a variety of things, but is it worth the extra dorkiness factor? For $30 I’d say you can’t go wrong — especially because it’s so easy to get on and off. Wear it when you need it and stash it when you don’t.

So would I recommend it? For anyone who wants to be sportier than their Watch really allows out of the box, yes. The bottom line is that it does it’s job well, looks the best it can for what it is but I’m not sure I could go as far as calling it a fashion accessory. Still, I think you’d be surprised at how much you end up liking it.

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