Spotify Running Originals: The Dawn Of Smart Music And A True Innovation

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Spotify is innovative. If I were to think to myself, “What could possibly be done with music that hasn’t been done already?” I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything. Apple asked itself that same question and vomited out Apple Music, a giant yawn — Beats 1 included. When Spotify asked itself that question it produced, among other things, Spotify Running Originals — something completely new, useful and awesome.

With Spotify Running Originals the world is witnessing the dawn of “smart” music. One of the main features of Spotify Running Originals is that it learns how you run (how fast, more specifically) and adapts to your pace. The effect is incredible: instead of exercising to random songs or even songs that you really like, your body and your music are actually in sync. When your foot hits the pavement the rhythm hits your ears. Buts thats only part of what makes Spotify Running Originals uniquely great.

Spotify Running Originals are something like musical audiobooks. They are long — think 30 minutes or so — and are broken up into chapters. This is music meant for running. Normal music isn’t. Other apps, like FIT Radio, try to pretend like it is, but it isn’t.

Each Spotify Running Original (there are currently 6) is tailor-made to fit your run. This is evident in the way tracks begin and end and throughout the middle: there are more energetic sections, sections that are more laid back, sections that make you push harder and sections that make you feel like you’re floating along. Everything feels very deliberate and dynamic. The way in which chapters blend together, the timing, the emotion — it all adds up to an incredible experience for people who run.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks doing a deep dive into Spotify’s new running feature and I’ve come away wanting more. More! If you’re curious what each of the 6 Spotify Running Originals is like to run with, I’ve broken each one down below.

For a few thoughts on why I’m sticking with Spotify over Apple Music, stick around until the end of the article.

Burn by Tiesto


Burn is an energetic running track consisting of nine chapters. I genuinely enjoy about half of them — but the other half is not bad. Burn is like the quintessential running track; it’s aggressive and lively and will definitely be a favorite ...

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