St Julien Hotel Review: Boulder’s Nicest Hotel Deserves it’s Reputation

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If you’re looking for the best hotel in Boulder, Colorado, it’s the St Julien — hands down. I say this mainly because you will be well rested and well taken care of, the only things that really matter when you’re traveling on a business trip. How do I know? I spent a night working (to film this interview with venture capitalist Seth Levine) and resting in one of the St Julien’s king suites last week and the experience was superior to staying in the presidential suite of a famous hotel chain.

Let me start by describing the one thing that really matters most in a hotel, luxury or otherwise: the bed. If the bed isn’t nice (or amazing, in this category), nothing else matters. If you’re not well-rested, the rest of your vacation or business trip will suffer. Thankfully, the bed was exceptionally comfortable at the St Julien. In my mind it is tied for the nicest (most comfortable) bed I’ve ever slept on along with the king bed at Beaver Creek Lodge. That’s a very good start.


To say everything at the St Julien is top-of-the-line would truly be an understatement. To summarize, I’d say the hotel is lavish without being over-the-top. It’s just the right mix of comfort and class. From the spacious lobby with it’s giant windows, large fireplace and lots of seating to the stylish in-room furniture and luxurious tub and shower lets you know you’re in for a relaxing, enjoyable stay.

The king suite I stayed in was incredible. It was in the corner of the 4th floor (the top floor): room 444. When you walk in the room the spacious, stone-appointed bathroom is to your left, the bedroom is straight-ahead and the common area (or bonus, entertaining room) is off to the right. But that’s not all: there’s a GIANT balcony off the common area that’s approximately the same size as the bonus room itself.

I’ve already described the bed, but the bedroom itself was large, decorated nicely with photography from around the city (as was the rest of the hotel) and has a great desk, a chair with an ottoman and an armoire/TV setup directly across from the bed. The furniture was all made of a dark, rich wood that feels like it belongs in an upscale hotel right near the base of the Rocky Mountains.


The bathroom was palatial and posh with a separate stone-attired shower and tub setup. Even the toilet dwelled within it’s own small room within the bathroom. A shelf within the bathroom even offered up complimentary white slippers which means that even your feet will be enveloped in comfort during your stay.

The king suite had two flatscreen TVs — one in the bedroom and one in the common area. The common area also had a coffee table, a chair and a large sofa along with some very stylish lights and accents. But the show-stealer was the view out the window which you could take in from the balcony.

The mammoth balcony had several seats and tables from which you could lounge while taking in the sights. From our balcony there was a clear view of the famous Boulder Flatirons (the quintessential Boulder scenery) underneath which you could see much of the town. Directly below was a view of Boulder’s Chophouse and a bustling (but not noisy) street packed with shops and dining and interesting people. In summer, fall or spring, this balcony alone would be worth paying for just to take in the city from a peaceful, interesting vantage point.

This was the view of the Flatirons from the king suite which also overlooked the town.

Midway between the bonus room and the bedroom is a little minibar area with a top-of-the-line coffee maker and the best-looking snacks I’ve ever seen a hotel room stocked with. Very Boulderesque. And guess what? The bottles of water were complimentary. That’s a nice touch.

The hotel has a famous spa which I didn’t have the chance to check out. I did get a glimpse at what looked like a very nice pool area. There are what look to be very nice meeting rooms for events — the catered food of which smelled wonderful when I walked by. And there’s a restaurant called Jills.

Jills has an enjoyable atmosphere with great views of Walnut street. Being a vegetarian, I wondered what I’d be able to eat there and was delighted with what I found: an entire vegetarian menu (which only makes sense given Boulder’s roots).

The staff around the entire hotel were all very friendly and helpful. I requested a crib at the front desk and a polite staff member delivered it to the room within just a few minutes. The concierge was knowledgable. The valet staff were helpful. The workers at the front desk were all smiles.


There’s so much to like about the St Julien, but perhaps my favorite thing of all was the courtyard out back. On this fall night the trees were all lit up with white strings of lights, the fountain was happily bubbling away and the two-way fireplace that looks into the lobby was ablaze with warm fire. Unfortunately I found myself more than occupied that night, otherwise I could have spent a couple of hours taking it all in. And it wasn’t even crowded — not a single person was out that night (they all seemed to be enjoying the indoors).

At the end of the day, no hotel is perfect. The room had a few stray hairs here and there and there was one surface was I could clearly see rings left by a glass, bottle or can that hadn’t been wiped up from the previous guests. But those did nothing to dampen the joy of staying in such a fine hotel.

Without a doubt the St Julien is Boulder’s nicest, most-comfortable hotel. If you’re looking for a place to get a good night’s sleep and make your base of operations for a vacation or business trip, I couldn’t recommend the St Julien any higher. What a great experience.

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