Stance: the coolest little iPhone tripod & stand I’ve used so far

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You know the feeling when you suddenly realize you’re in the perfect spot for a great photo… if only someone was around to snap the picture? If only you had remembered your tripod—oh wait, you did, but you left it in the car because you didn’t want to lug it around.

Well, that’s a feeling you’re not going to have to feel any longer thanks to the Stance mini iPhone tripod and stand from Kenu.

I’ve found myself in the above situation more times than I’d like. You can take great pictures of places, but if you’re not in them… were you ever really there? There’s no proof!

The Stance is ultra-portable: it’s tiny and it’s foldable. It not only fits in your pocket, but it leaves room for other stuff like your keys. It’s metal frame looks cool and will be more durable than any plastic tripod or holder on the market. It’s accented by a bright orange. In short, it looks great.

It works great too. There’s not much more you can say about an iPhone tripod: it either works well or it doesn’t.

I like that the Stance also doubles as a stand. If you want to watch a movie on your iPhone in landscape mode, for instance, this makes it convenient.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, good-looking iPhone tripod slash stand, give the Kenu Stance a glance.

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