Starry Station Router Review: The Absolute Best

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I’ve hated routers for most of my life (which might seem odd coming from a guy who started a popular tech blog). In my experience they have been ugly, frustrating to setup and troubleshoot and, more importantly, unreliable. But that all changed when I plugged in the Starry Station which I have no problem calling the best router I’ve ever used.

The Starry Station is the router you’ve always wanted in your life. Instead of being an eyesore, being hard to figure out and needing to be reset far too often, the Starry Station was designed from the beginning to be beautiful, reliable router that’s a cinch to use.

This router isn’t perfect — there are some annoyances I’ve run into which I’ll discuss near the end of this review — but it’s a major breath of fresh air that I’m genuinely excited about.

A Router with Killer Looks

While performance and the main features are certainly more important than the design of a router, I can’t help but start by talking about the novel looks of this awesome device.

Until the Starry Station came along, nearly every router I’ve encountered in my life suffered from a serious lack of design consideration. I know you know what I’m talking about: unruly antennae, dull colors, hidden buttons, no screen, small indicator lights that can be hard to decipher and finally inconvenient shapes that take up way too much room.

The Starry Station is a shiny white triangle with a black touchscreen on it’s front. That sentence alone is enough to get excited about. In terms of this product’s industrial design, I feel like this is how Apple’s router should have looked. The way in which is breaks the established router mold is brilliant.

Importantly (and yes, it is important — especially to younger generations) it looks good sitting in my home office. It looks right at home sitting next to my white Motorola Surfboard modem, the white CUJO Internet of Things security device. Scratch that; it actually looks like it’s in command of my Internet setup.

The screen shows the health of your Internet connection (more on that later) along with several floating bubbles which represent all of the connected devices on your network. The bigger the bubble the more data it’s consuming. This, in combination with the white triangular shape, looks awesome.

The Starry Station is like a super-modern shark ...

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