“start A FIRE” is the best way to share links on social media (hint: free website traffic)

If you’re in charge of social media management for your company there’s a new must-use tool that will help you drive more traffic and brand awareness called start A FIRE. When you share a link, start A FIRE adds your branding to the click-through/tap-through so that when a person consumes the links you share they’ll see that you were the source. It’s a great way to get not only your logo — but your most important content — in front of people.

That’s because start A FIRE not only promotes your logo/brand when a follower of yours clicks on a link, but it gives you the chance to promote other links above that branding. This is a pretty exciting development. As a publisher, I definitely have content I’m looking to promote (whether it’s new articles or articles that have already proven they can gain traction) and if possible, I’d rather not have to pay to do so. For the moment, it’s completely free to append a couple of links you’d like to promote to your shared URLs using start A FIRE which is AWESOME.

Here’s a sample of what your start A FIRE badge looks like — and the two allowed promoted posts on top.

What makes start A FIRE even better, though, is Buffer integration. So many people use Buffer to schedule social media posts (for optimal posting times) and very few of those users would be willing to give up the service in favor of another — so it was smart to make start A FIRE work with Buffer right out of the gate. Within 15 minutes of linking the two services, all of your scheduled Buffer posts will be supercharged by start A FIRE — and every new post you stick into Buffer will have the same benefit.

I think this is an excellent idea and I hope it takes off — it definitely seems to be. For the moment start A FIRE is 100% free, though I expect that to change somehow in the future as the startup needs to find a way to monetize in order to survive. Here’s hoping they hit users with some optional add-ons or upgrades rather than forcing everyone to start paying a monthly fee.