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DailyTekk has long been a fan of Contactually, the startup that brings you better relationship management in your email, ever since we discovered them while researching resources to feature in a roundup titled 50 Ways to Make Email More Productive and Enjoyable. I’m sure glad we asked Zvi, the CEO and co-founder, to tell us about his startup journey. Has anyone else out there turned a door into a desk? 

The contactually team originally worked on a door setup on two sawhorses as their incubator had run out of normal desks!

Prior to Contactually, I was running a software development firm. Like most services businesses, all of my clients came via referrals. I knew how important it was to keep these relationships warm, but I was so focused on the top of my inbox, I would never be able to tend to these crucial opportunities. After trying every CRM and contact manager, I know there was an opportunity to build a product that fit this need. One of the first things I did was, as myself and my co-founder are engineers by trade, we brought on a third co-founder who immersed himself in customer development, which definitely contributed to our initial buzz.

Startup legend tells us how Amazon, for cost and efficiency, turned old doors into desks. Well, when we moved out to California temporarily, our incubator had run out of normal desks. So, all three of us huddled around an old door on top of two sawhorses. While it was an uncomfortable situation, it’s a fun thing to compare our early days to Amazon. We now have an office right in downtown DC where everyone has enough space, and we even bring our dogs into work!

We’re a bit of a special case, as I the CEO, am also heavily involved in growing the DC startup community by co-founding both ProudlyMadeInDC and the DC Tech Meetup, which is one of the largest such initiatives in the country. So Contactually has been incredibly well received, with every tech entrepreneur and influencer being well aware of what we’re up to. As such, we’re part of an ever-growing community that we have woven ourselves into.

The highest high of starting and running Contactually comes from our users. We’re luckily at the point where we hear about how much users love Contactually. But nothing compares to hearing a user report tangible ...

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