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I’ve spent some time in the music industry and there aren’t a lot of really useful tools out there for musicians. There are some, as we’ve catalogued, but one of the best is definitely Onesheet. So, I recently interviewed Brenden Mulligan, the design-focused, product-oriented entrepreneur behind the service. Aside from this project, he’s also created TipListWebbygramMorningPics, and PhotoPile and is currently working on a new project called Cluster. Here’s how Onesheet was born, in Brenden’s own words:

I speak at a lot of music conferences and one thing musicians are constantly advised is to maintain their own web presence, in addition to Twitter, Facebook, etc… But currently, there aren’t great, affordable ways for a musician to instantly create a maintenance-free web presence. I wanted to solve this problem for them and that sparked the idea for Onesheet.

Our office is on a high floor in the tallest building of the Mission District of San Francisco. We have sweeping views of the entire city, including views of both the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge. We share the office with several other local startups.

A turning point for Onesheet occurred when we launched. We got very favorable press and attention from both the music and technology communities. Because my last startup was also in the music space (called ArtistData, which I sold to Sonicbids in 2010), I had a lot of connections and was able to reach out to the community about Onesheet relatively easily. I took the learnings from many people and focused on making sure that new users could sign up for Onesheet and create a page within 2 minutes. That was a major goal while building it.

For the future, we will always try to maintain a startup culture and attitude. We are constantly watching how our users are using the site and adjusting to their needs. We spend a lot of time talk to users and making sure what we’re building is something they can use that will benefit their career.

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