Steller: The Best Storytelling App For Sharing (And Collecting) Memories And Knowledge

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Let me tell you a story about a storytelling app named Steller. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but you use your phone to tell stories all the time. It’s true; every time you text your friends about what you did over the weekend, every time you email your parents a photo—you get the point. They may not be long stories, but they are stories none the less. Well thanks to Steller, you can now use your phone to tell better, more meaningful and more thought-provoking (or jealousy-inducing if that’s what you’re after) stories in a snap. I’m talking about stories that look and work so good you don’t even need instructions on how to make them or consume them. In other words, stories that are powerful.

Jay Wilder, Steller’s co-founder and Head of Community, explains why Steller is better than all those other apps like this:

Steller unlocks the storyteller in us all. It is a new medium for mobile expression that combines photos, videos and text together, makes elegant design simple, and presents your story in a format where viewers can turn each page to reveal what’s next. This unique format combined with its elegance, simplicity and cross-platform sharing capabilities, sets Steller apart from the rest.

But why take Jay’s word for it: check out the most viewed stories on Steller to get an idea for yourself.

Stellar's layout editor/options.
Steller’s layout editor/options.

And some influential storyteller agree. As of right now, Steller has attracted top cross-platform creators from the blogging world to Pinterest, Vine to Instagram, with the top 1% of it’s users yielding a social reach of over 100M. That’s pretty stellar.

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So, like, who exactly is a top cross-platform creator making the most of Steller? Kevin Kuster, for one. He’s using Steller to share a deeper story about the humanitarian efforts he’s involved with. For instance, he’s taken to Steller to show the on-the-ground story of how Watts of Love impacts the lives of those they’re helping with solar lighting and invites viewers to get involved. Aside from his work with Watts of Love, Kevin is known for his work as the CEO of #JJ Community on Instagram.

You can see Kevin’s media here:

There’s a feature that people discover after they’ve started publishing their own stories that adds an entirely new dimension to the Steller experience: the ability to “republish”—essentially curate—saved stories. Republishing favorites stories by other authors into collections is a perfect way for users to save them for easy later access. Steller users put the feature to good real-world use and often republish city guides, recipes, and DIY instructions for reference while on-the-go.

Over the next several months Steller plans to expand on its foundation of creative expression by making the app easier to use and also has plans to connect the community through limitless and effortless discovery. Jay assures me that their are many exciting releases in store for 2015.

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