TAO Aura Clean Electric Toothbrush System Review: The Best Electric Toothbrush?

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I’be been wanting to try an electric toothbrush for years. I’m a tech writer; how could I resist? But I have been waiting for one that wasn’t just a toothbrush with a battery. I wanted something a little smarter and more innovative. Something like the TAO Aura Clean electric toothbrush system.

Let’s cut right to the heart of the matter: this toothbrush cleans my teeth incredibly well. The only time my teeth feel cleaner is the actual day I’ve been to the dentist for a cleaning.

And before I dive into the functions and look of this toothbrush, let me say something important. This toothbrush has made brushing my teeth easier and more enjoyable which in turn makes me want to brush more often (something I thought I would never say). It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why or how that is the case but I think that, in general, when a product feels superior it’s inherently more likable and makes you want to take advantage of the advantage(s) it gives.


Aside from being electric, the other big benefit of the TAO is that it self-sanitizes between cleanings in it’s holster. So, you could say, it cleans your teeth and itself.

The TAO cleans so well because of the micro-movements (vibrations) that scrub your teeth far more than you could do yourself. It leaves my teeth feeling squeaky clean (as in no gunk left behind).

But the TAO is smarter than that. It has built-in pauses that let you know how long you should brush each section of your mouth and when it’s time to move on. I like that feature a lot because, unlike a regular “dumb” toothbrush, I know for a fact that I’m not under-brushing.

Another near feature that makes the TAO toothbrush more personalized is the ability to choose between two brushing modes: ultra-clean or sensitive. I’m going ultra for sure but if the buzzing was too ticklish (or whatever) it’s nice to know you can tone it down. I’m sure some people will really appreciate that.


The toothbrush feels good in the hand and is not awkward to hold. It isn’t too heavy (in fact I’d call it just right) and it’s neither too thick or thin.

The base unit where the toothbrush rests and recharges while getting de-germified is about as wide (from edge to edge) as a small NERF basketball. That means it’s not huge but it will definitely take up coveted space on your bathroom counter top which is probably the biggest con. It’s not like other electric toothbrushes that can be charged and used for a week but stashed away out of sight the rest of the time because to really get the full benefit you’ve got to store it in the base which needs to be close to an outlet.

That said, it will look great sitting there (minus the cord; gotta hate those cords everywhere — I’ve already got an unsightly electric razor cord and charger laying about taking up space and looking ugly). I really love the design of the base unit. It’s white and futuristic and sleeker than sleek.

When you charge the toothbrush the logo on the base station glows letting you know your brush is being sanitized. And that looks really cool too.


And I should mention (and this is as good a time as any) that eventually you’ll need to buy some replacement brush tips which attach to the end of the handle. But it’s nice that you’ll get three to get you going right out of the box.

I also want to bring attention to something that made me smile: the instructions booklet. I don’t care what the product is; there’s a 99.99% chance that the instructions are bland, boring and poorly — almost thoughtlessly — thrown together. The TAO instructions are the exact opposite: they’re fun, sometimes funny, well-designed and very informative. What this tells me is that this company cares deeply about the user experience. If they’re paying this much attention to the instructions, one can only assume that the rest of the product has been extremely well thought out.

I love this toothbrush. It’s helping me form healthier habits. I highly recommend it with a big (clean) smile on my face.

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