The 10 best ways to teach kids how to code

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Teaching kids to code is a big deal right now. It’s already mandatory learning in Britain. Mitch Resnick’s TED talk on the subject, titled Let’s teach kids to code, has nearly 1 million views. If you haven’t figured it out already, programming is driving our collective future, so why not help your kids get in on the act? Programmers make good money (the top 10% make upwards of $117,000), will always have work and can customize the world around them without needing to hire a developer—they can just do it themselves. But what’s the best way to teach a child how to code? There are more options than you might think. From robots to board games to apps, there are literally dozens and dozens of ways to teach children about logic and programming beyond plopping them in front of a teacher or tutor—even at an early age. There are, of course, more than 10 way to teach kids how to code, but these are the one’s we like best.

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Apps, Games and Robots That Teach Programming

  1. Tynker – Programming courses for kids with tutoring and visual tools ($50 per course).
  2. Robot Turtles – A board game that “sneakily” teaches the fundamentals of programming (3+).
  3. Hopscotch – iPad app that lets kids drag and drop blocks of code to create a program.
  4. play-i – A robot duo that teaches kids to code from ages 5-12+.
  5. Kodable – The premise? Kids can learn to program before they learn to read.
  6. Primo – A tangible programming interface for teaching kids 3-7 code literacy.
  7. Robotiky – Another robot that teaches kids to program.
  8. Linkitz – Electronic toy for social play that teaches girls to code.
  9. Code Monkey Island – Another board game that teaches programming basics.
  10. Code Combat – Kids can learn to code by playing a game.

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