Tech Humor: 5 Funny Screenshots for July

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Yep, we’re back for round two of our funny screenshot series (I say we because I’m including myself and our trusty humor mascot sporting the mullet to the left). As I go about my business from day to day, I run into some funny stuff just begging to be captured, captioned and shared.

Next time you see something funny, take a screenshot and send it in to us for inclusion in the next tech humor post! To view the last installment, click here.

How Dare You, Sir?!

I don’t know what a BoPo is, but it doesn’t sound good! Seriously Blackberry, wouldn’t you rather just say huyin fuhao? It sounds a lot nicer, you cangjie.

Breaking News: 50% of Android Phones Run Android!

Wait… what? This just in as well: 25% of iPhones are now powered by iOS. Now that’s some good reporting 😉

Relevision: Scooby’s Latest Tech Venture

Either that or apparently Scooby-Doo is handling the copy-editing over at TNT these days.

So What You’re Saying Is… Try Another Program?

This is what happens if you try to open an image of paper money in Photoshop… even ones you purchased fair and square from a stock photo site 🙂

Pinterest Has the Hiccups

Maybe this will help you find a cure Pinterest: 50+ Ways to Cure Your Hiccups Fast. No?

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