Tech-Sense College Tips

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New to college life, you might have access to new technologies, friends, and environment. Having said that, you need to be sure that you keep your tech items are used effectively. So, read our tech-sense college tips below and have a rocking time in college.


Well, most of the colleges today are equipped with wireless technology. However, you might still feel that you are unable to get quality connection to your tech piece. So, don’t rely on the wireless access and prepare yourself with the Ethernet cord.

Stay connected but…

Well, it is good to stay connected but, at the same time, it is important to keep it away. Also, keep them on silent. You don’t want your tech pieces to be confiscated, right?

Protect your tech

If you are sitting alone at home, you can keep your tech pieces wherever you want. Don’t do that when you are in college. This is your lifeline and you are dependent on it. So, keep them safe. You know that buying a new laptop or a high-end smartphone is really expensive. Yes, you can get exclusive deals and offers if you purchase it online. However, every new purchase that is done to compensate the loss of a stolen device is troublesome. So, protect your tech and enjoy it. TIP: Just in case you lose your laptop or smartphone or any other tech piece, use coupons from ChameleonJohn before purchasing a new item. This will help you save money.

Cloud it all

Well, there are so many services that can help you keep your documents safe. Use it. Google Drive is one such option that helps you keep every document safe. Accessing and editing it is easy too. For the storage, first 15GB of storage is free. So, make the most of it and stay safe.

Use your laptop efficiently

Well, we start using it for papers and coursework, but soon switch over to play music, movies, photos and what not. Don’t do it. Let it be exclusively for your college purposes. For other needs, make an additional expense and buy it. Will this help? Yes! While studying or preparing for your project, you will focus on it only. You can keep other devices at home and forget about it till you get back home. Your college work will not suffer if you use your laptop exclusively for your college purposes. For other tech pieces, but them online and save money by using coupons and promo codes.

Relying on apps

Well, this is important because it can help you stay organized. Big boys or girls have the added responsibility of managing themselves. Years ago, this could have been a herculean task. Today, with smartphones and tablets, you can stay organized by downloading apps such as Evernote, My Class Schedule and so on.
College life is important. This will help you make the transition to the professional world. So, use every moment carefully.

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