How Testing Directions On The Apple Watch In Aspen Colorado Led Me To NBA Superstar Dwight Howard

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I’d never been to Aspen Colorado before this weekend which made it the perfect place to test getting both walking and driving directions on the Apple Watch. I’m happy to say that using the Apple Watch to navigate a new town was very convenient, despite a few minor quirks which, as it turned out, led me to a chance encounter with Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard. Here’s what happened.

Aspen, like New York or LA, is one of those ritzy places where you’ve got a decent chance of spotting a celebrity while you’re seeing the sights. Like the recognizable faces that can sometimes be seen popping out of the local Gucci store, Aspen itself is famous (the omelet chef at my hotel used to cook for Will and Jada Smith and their kids and toured with the Rolling Stones — and that was the best omelet I’d ever eaten). It’s known for being a naturally beautiful, swanky destination where you can ski and ride, shop and eat lots of good food.

For me, heading to Aspen meant driving through Denver. Denver is the gateway to Colorado’s most popular ski towns: Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek and the like. And, as still happens even though this is 2015, there are patches along the Rockies’ major travel arteries that still don’t get the best mobile coverage (or any at all). So I knew I wanted to start my directions dialed in before I left Denver.

Just to make sure I was going to get the best, most-direct route I decided to enter the address on my iPhone. Once I hit start in Apple Maps, the directions immediately showed up on my Apple Watch as well. As the weekend went on, I found the opposite to be true as well: directions begun on the Apple Watch opened on the Apple Maps app on my iPhone simultaneously.IMG_0132

From my experience this weekend, it appears that as long as directions are started while in-service, moving out-of-service won’t halt them. That said, you’re maps might not be as detailed as when you are in service. Good to know.

After settling into the hotel it was time to do some exploring. But what to see? Siri time. The entire weekend, whether in a quiet hotel room or out on a busy street, pressing and holding the digital crown to activate Siri didn’t work well at all. It would ...

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