The 10 Best Articles You Don’t Want to Miss from Last Week

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There were so many interesting roundups and unique product reviews posted last week that it was difficult to narrow down a list of the top 10 articles from August 24-28. But we did it—check them out here!

Jet is Crushing Amazon: Here’s How (and Why) – Jet, the newly launched Amazon alternative/competitor, is crushing it. Amazon, that is.

The 4 Best Ways To Find The Best (New & Old) Movies On Netflix Right Now – For the enormous amount of content available to stream on Netflix, it’s can still be surprisingly hard to find something you’re actually in the mood to watch right now.

The 3 Best New Affordable (Budget) 4K Cameras Available Now – Looking for an awesome 4K video cam? You’ve come to the right place.

Moleskine’s Timepage App is the Best iPhone Calendar (Better Than Sunset) – I’m probably going to get a lot of angry/passionate comments about this article but it’s how I truly feel: Moleskine’s Timepage is currently the best iPhone Calendar app there is.

The 3 Best New Furniture Brands (Stores) Will Surprise You With Their Quality And Affordability – At some point in everyone’s life you reach a place where you either need or want new furniture.

Video: Speck CandyShell Fit Apple Watch Case Review (In 4K) – So you spent somewhere between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars on a new Apple Watch.

I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This: Outlook is the Best Email App for iPhone! – Over the years I’ve tried many different email apps on my iPhones: Apple’s default Mail app (of course), Mailbox, Google’s Gmail and Inbox and, most recently (and often), Boxer.

The 3 Absolute Best (Tech-iest) Washers & Dryers You Can Buy Now (SmartWashers?!) – So what makes a washer or dryer smart? How about touch screen interfaces, apps and notifications for starters?

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Wallet Case for Your iPhone – Smartphones have become a second self. We use them to communicate, play games, work, listen to music, and pretty much everything else. Unfortunately, they just keep getting bigger and bigger.

The 5 Best SoundCloud Apps and Services to Find and Enjoy the Best New Music – Looking for the best (new) SoundCloud accounts? Or maybe a great SoundCloud app for your computer so you don’t have to have your browser open all the time?

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