The 10 best charging stations to charge multiple phones and tablets

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It’s not uncommon for a family to have 6 to 10 devices anymore: phones, tablets, laptops. Some are personal devices and some are shared between the family. But all need to get charged. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been swimming in cords lately. I long ago forgot which charger went to which device and which were mine and which were my wife’s… you get the picture. So I’ve been searching for the best way to charge multiple iPhones, iPads and laptops simultaneously (just because that’s mostly what we have around my house — with the exception of a Nexus 6P). The charging stations I found below will make it really easy and convenient to charge all the devices in your life — whether they are iOS or Android — without the mess. I’m convinced every house needs a good charging station. But I’m sure many businesses and other occupations (like teachers with a classroom full of tablets) would find these useful as well.

Satechi 7-port charging station


This Satechi 7-port charging station is pretty straightforward. It’s nothing fancy in terms of design, but it fits a lot of phones or tablets into a pretty compact charging design that will keep everything neat and organized. I like the fact that it includes velcro straps for cord management, has built-in surge protection for every port and is also scratch-resistant.

Great Useful Stuff eco-friendly bamboo charging station


If you’re looking for something with a little more style, check out this Great Useful stuff eco-friendly bamboo charging station. It gives you the ability to charge three phones in the front and either two laptops, two tablets or a laptop and a tablet in the back. Aside from the cool wood look, I like that you can keep all the cords neatly wound up inside the bottom.

Unitek 10-port charging station


This Unitek charging station is somewhat similar in design to others you’ll see with the exception that it can charge a whopping 10 phones or tablets at a time! But this isn’t just a charger — it’s a bit smarter than that thanks to the built-in over-heating and over-charging protection. Additionally, you can adjust the separator brackets to customize the room available for each device’s width.

MobileVision bamboo charging station with Apple Watch adapter

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.49.40 PM

This MobileVision bamboo charging station gives you the look of bamboo, lets you charge 3 phones and 2 tablets or 2 laptops (or a combination) but also lets you charge an Apple Watch as well. So it’s literally perfect for charging multiple Apple devices (all of them). You’ll be able to store ugly cords inside the box and the lid will stay shut thanks to some handy magnets.

Lipper International bamboo charging station


The Lipper International bamboo charging station is perfect for someone who wants to charge up to 3 phones but doesn’t need to charge a tablet or laptop at the same time. You’ll still be able to store annoying cords out of the way (and out of sight) and there’s a nifty tray on the top where you can stash extras like headphones.

Handmade pine charging station

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.51.39 PM

If you’re looking for a more handmade look, then check out this handmade pine charging station. It can fit up to 4 phones and a tablet or two simultaneously. It’s more rustic than the bamboo look and keeps your devices more hidden than other chargers.

Juicy Power 7-port charging station


If you need to charge up to seven devices simultaneously then you might like the look of this Juicy Power charging station better than some others. The colorful base and the clear section dividers may fit some offices, bedrooms or countertops better than other charging stations listed here.

EasyAcc charging station


This EasyAcc charging station looks quite a bit different than other more wooden or industrial designs. Definitely more business friendly, this faux leather look should wear and clean well. What I like about this product is that you can also use it as an organization station for stashing things like rulers or other desk supplies.

iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch leatherette charging station


Here’s another charging station for the Apple enthusiast, but the one who only needs to charge up to 2 phones, a tablet and their Apple Watch. This charging station takes up less room than others and looks a bit less cluttered.

gofranco  7-port charging station


Finally, here’s one more 7-port charging station option that some will like for it’s sleek white look. It offers very fast charging and broad device compatibility. It has built-in surge protection and will also make sure devices don’t overcharge or overheat.

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