The 10 Best New Gadgets, Apps and Startups This Week (Pictures) – 10/2/15

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What a week for tech launches. This is probably one of the best lists we’ve made since starting this series. Once again gadgets dominate this week. From transportation to art to video stabilization and more, there’s so much here to drool over. What are you most excited about? Psst: did you miss last week’s roundup of the best new gadgets, apps and startups?

Aeon GoPro Stabilizer


There are a lot of GoPro gimbals and stabilizers out there, but I’ve never seen one that looks THIS cool (and futuristic). The Aeon GoPro stabilizer’s got a joystick, a screen, a battery indicator, an accessory connector and, most importantly, it produces ultra-smooth videos.

Gi FlyBike

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.44.03 PM

The Gi FlyBike has a very unique look which some people will like and some won’t. It’s an electric bike that’s packing some surprisingly useful and innovative features. It folds up for easy storage, self-locks and even charges your phone. Psst: check out our brand-new list of the 5 best NEW electric bikes (including the Gi FlyBike)!

Klio Digital Art

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.44.41 PM

The Klio is a digital art frame that lets you rent art for a monthly subscription fee (but the first year’s subscription is included for free with purchase). The display screen is 36×20 inches and comes with two different frame sizes (large and small). I’ve been waiting for a product like this for years. Animated art on my wall? Yes, please.

Swatch Touch Zero One

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.45.17 PM

This week Swatch invited me to Fort Lauderdale to check out the new Swatch Touch Zero One watch at the Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals. A first-look video is coming in the next week, but until then here are the details: 9 month battery life, volleyball specific metric tracing (for both players and fans), step counter, step counter, digital coaches and a price tag in the $130 range.

Simply App

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.44.54 PM

Simply is a new app that curate’s lifestyle content. The app aims to show you personalized lifestyle, culture, entertainment and sports content in a streamlined interface. The result? Recommended actions, activities and events based on who you are, geo-location, time, weather and season.

5 More Awesome New Tech Products

  1. LG V10 Smartphone – Enhanced durability Android phone. Steady Record, Second Screen feature and more.
  2. Turing Email – A new email experience for power users.
  3. JSW S+ – A robotic vacuum and security device in one.
  4. Cube Sensors – Small, stylish sensors designed to keep you healthier.
  5. TVShow Time – It used to be hard to keep tracks of shows you wanted to watch. Not anymore…

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