The 10 Best New Gadgets, Apps and Startups This Week (Pictures) – 9/18/15

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Are you ready for the best, coolest, most-awesome tech products of the week? Okay, so a lot happened this week that ISN’T reflected in this roundup because I’ve already talked about it elsewhere on DailyTekk. For instance, iOS 9 became officially available this week and that included the launch of several (increasingly popular) ad blocking apps for the iPhone. Every week I’m amazed at all the great stuff that gets released that sort of flies under the radar and that’s exactly why this series exists: to keep you informed of the best new tech whether it’s big or small, hardware or software, free or slave… wait. Before you get any further, though, make sure to check out last week’s list of the 10 best new gadgets, apps and startups so you’re all caught up!

New Amazon Fire Tablets and TV Devices (From $50)


Amazon unveiled some big product updates this week at some pretty astonishing price points. The new Fire tablet starts at just $49.99 which is insanely cheap and might just be the best new budget tablet on the market. There’s also a new Fire HD 8 tablet which costs $149 and comes in some bright new colors. And rounding out Amazon’s new tablet lineup is the Fire HD 10 which features the largest screen and thinnest design of any Amazon tablet so far and it only costs $229.99 (we’ve already got a review unit on the way).


Amazon also launched a new Fire TV stick with a voice control remote and two new Fire TV boxes: one that supports 4K video and a gaming edition that comes with an XBOX-looking gaming remote. – Unsend Any Email or Text Message

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.53.59 AM is a great new service that lets you un-send any email you’ve sent. Obviously this could come in handy in a variety of situations, but the long and the short of it is this: you don’t ever have to regret sending an email again. As cool as that is, though, the best feature might be the ability to edit previously sent emails. Well, either that or the ability to track opened mail (just like the AOL of old) or the ability to send self-destructing emails. I can’t pick.

Halo Back Smart Screen Protector (With Back Button)


This is ingenious. No wonder it got backed by over 8,000 people on Kickstarter. It’s the Halo Back smart screen ...

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