The 10 best standing desks for 2016 (for all budgets)

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It might blow your mind to know that you can buy a standing desk for just $25 — and several for under $500. Yes, you read that right! Standing desks don’t have to cost a fortune anymore. Of course you probably know that standing while you work is healthy; really healthy. Some say that sitting is the new smoking. In any case, if you’re looking for the best standing desks for any budget I’ve got you covered.

Whether you need a desk that is fully customizable where you can pick the surface and frame materials and colors or whether you just want a functional kit that converts your current sitting desk into a healthy standing desk, the best options are all here. You could be forgiven for thinking all standing desks are basically alike; but in reality, it’s the little details that make them stand out — and possibly a better fit for your life.

For instance, do you need a standing desk with wheels that’s easy to move? Do you need a standing desk that doesn’t just move up and down at the press of a button but also remembers your favorite heights? Or do you need a desk that’s ultra-portable that you can literally break down and take with you and set back up in just a few minutes? Time to explore… let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

StandDesk ($489-744)


The StandDesk is a built-your-own standing desk that can be had for under $500. It has a motor to raise or lower the height of the desk using a two-button system but you can optionally add the ability to give the desk a memory of your favorite heights. You can customize the top by choosing either the cheaper laminate surface or the bamboo which comes in beige or brown. The cable management and the customization options are what make this such a compelling option.

60″ Electric Stand Desk With Wheels ($549)


This 60″ electric stand desk comes with 4 small features that could make a big difference: wheels. If you like to rearrange your office (or want to be able to vacuum behind the desk) this desk might be the best option for you.  It comes in all-white or all-black as well as some attractive two-tone color options. You’ll also get a free 15 ft power cable with your order (which is nice so you know you’ll have one that works with a tall desk).

NextDesk Encore ($1,097)

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.33.38 AM

The NextDesk Encore is another customizable standing desk that I like for it’s thin profile (it doesn’t have enormously beefy legs). There are a variety of wood finishes to choose from for the top (6 to be exact), 3 frame finishes and the option to choose how many grommets (holes) there are in the top for cords. There’s also the cool option to add keyboard platform and you can purchase software that helps track your fitness data.

SmartDesk With AI ($946)

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.40.12 AM

The SmartDesk With AI is not your average standing desk. It’s more like a personal assistant. That’s because you can talk to it like you would Siri and it works with apps like Foursquare, Uber and Spotify among others. It also works with smart objects you might have around your home or office like WeMo, Lifx and Nest. I like the ergonomic cutout, the wireless phone charger, the USB charger and the headphone hanger underneath. There are surface options to choose from and 3 different frames.

IKEA Bekant ($489)


The IKEA Bekant is a minimal standing desk that looks nice but offers no frills. It’s meant to be an affordable standing desk and not much else. But if you’re an IKEA fan and if you can make due with the bare minimum feature set, you will like the 8 different color combinations to choose from and the 10 different configuration options (in case you want an L shaped desk).

Refold Cardboard Standing Desk ($250-300)

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.48.34 AM

The Refold cardboard standing desk is in a league of it’s own when it comes to a cheap price, a unique material and portability. If you care less about looks and more about sheer usability, this may actually be the perfect standing desk for you. It could also be great for students are startups. And it’s stronger than you’d think — the website even shows a guy standing on top of a Refold.

Birch Standing Desk Conversion Kit ($170)


This birch standing desk conversion kit is not a standing desk per se; instead, it sits on top of your existing “regular” desk to add some extra height. The benefit is that you don’t have to buy a brand new desk in order to stand while you work. And the birch wood looks really nice. Plus, it’s easily adjustable.

iSkelter LIFT Sit-to-Stand ($400)


The iSkelter LIFT Sit-to-Stand will also convert the desk you already own into a standing desk, but for a more premium price and with a more premium feel. You can choose from hazelnut or natural bamboo options and you can adjust it’s height. I really love the built-in holders for your phone, tablet and cup.

Oristand ($25)


The Oristand gives you the ultimate cheap/affordable standing desk. Like the two items listed above, it is meant to work with a surface or desk you already own. Unlike the items above, though, it’s collapsible, light and meant to be super-portable. The Oristand is able to be so cheap because it’s made out of cardboard, but don’t let that throw you: this desk may be recyclable, but it’s plenty durable. And then there’s this: you can grab 5 for just $100 bucks!

Varidesk ($395)


I saved the Varidesk for last just so I could say I saved one of the best standing desks for last. If you’re looking for a more corporate feel or something with enough strength to hold a large monitor (think 27″) then you might like the Varidesk. It’s a split level design that puts your keyboard and mouse on a different plane than your laptop and/or monitor. It’s height-adjustable and comes fully-assembled right out of the box!

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  • I recently used a standing desk and from now on, I think I need to get one. I have to say, however, that it’s probably something that I would only use throughout the day. I hate to say it, but as a writer who blogs about personal transformation and change, it surprises me how often I go back into my old habits of sitting on the damn couch while I write on my laptop!!

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