The 10 Best Technology Flipboard Magazines To Follow

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Flipboard is my favorite way to read tech news and discover interesting stories. You’ve always been able to follow your favorite publishers/sources on Flipboard, but the latest redesign offers even more ways to discover awesome content. In this post (after a bit of an introduction on how to use Flipboard to find awesome content) I list links to 10 awesome tech magazines to follow on Flipboard.

Try clicking on the icon just to the right of the home icon on your iPhone (the one that looks like it is made up of four squares). This is the “Following” section of the Flipboard app. In the “All” section, at the top, is a search field. Type in the name of your favorite blog or news site to add it as a source. If you love technology, you can’t go wrong following TechCrunch, Pando Daily, The Next Web, Mashable, Gizmag or ReadWrite, to name a few of the obvious picks.

Or, if you’d like to follow another Flipboard user, click on “People” and then “Find People to Follow.” You can easily find featured Flipboard magazine makers or connect with people you are already following or friends with on other social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Or simply find people you know based on your phone contacts. There are some tech heavy-hitters on Flipboard I’d recommend following such as Robert Scoble (of course), Evan Williams (as in the guy who founded Twitter and Medium) and Ryan Hoover (of Product Hunt notoriety).

But the greatest way to discover new content with Flipboard’s latest update is to use the Topics feature. If you’re new to Flipboard you’ll be asked to follow some topics and it’s worth it to take the time to find the topics you’ll love. I probably spent about 5 minutes finding the original set of topics I wanted to follow on Flipboard when the new version came out and I’ve been very happy with the results.

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