The 100 Best, Coolest Pinterest Users/Accounts To Follow (2015)

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This is the Pinterest list to end all Pinterest lists—the one that actually counts. So far this year DailyTekk has rounded up and ranked the 100+ best Instagrammers, the 100 best YouTubers, the 100 best Vine accounts and the 100 best blogs and websites of 2015; it was only a matter of time before we set our sights on Pinterest. There are millions and millions of pinners posting stuff from all over the world (and growing—Pinterest was the fastest growing social network in 2014); but these are what we feel are the top 100 Pinterest accounts for 2015.

But this list was tricky to make (okay, all of our epic top 100’s are insanely difficult to compile and curate), but we couldn’t follow our normal 10 categories full of 10 items format this time. That’s because pinners can rarely be pinned-down and pigeonholed into just one category (some can, though, as you’ll see below). So instead we decided to try something different: one solid list of 100 Pinterest users. Bear with me though, because it’s not as huge of a mess as you might think (and please thank me for not making this a slideshow like so many idiotic sites do).

Instructions: I tagged every profile with keywords—so—just use ctrl/cmd + F to find what you are looking for (or if you’re on an iPhone, type your keyword into the URL line in the browser and scroll down to find the search results). Try searching for things like travel, beauty, tech (of course—this is a tech blog), treats, interiors, boho… let your imagination run wild. In truth, this is sort of a hack, but since we weren’t able to use our normal system, I think it will do alright.

One final note: yes, there are guys on Pinterest posting interesting stuff. Pinterest isn’t just for ladies. Case in point I’ve decided to bold the guys in this list just because I felt like it—so you other dudes can easily find something you like in this list which is, I’ll admit, mostly filled with female pinners.

  1. Evan Sharp – Pinterest co-founder. Beautiful complexity, architecture, photography and much more.
  2. Bekka Palmer – Summer, photography, design, interiors, art, beauty, hair, gardening, colors, decor and more.
  3. Mike D – Design, travel, food, sports, music, “stuffology,” men’s fashion, nature and more.
  4. Bonnie Tsang – Women’s, men’s and kid’s style, photography, spaces, architecture, travel, more.
  5. Daniel Bear Hunley – Food, home, prints, adventure, men’s style, typography, branding, kids and more.
  6. Joy Cho – Hair, treats, baby, cute and much more.
  7. Suann Song – Design, fashion, travel, treats, lettering, illustrations, packaging, beauty and more.
  8. Anne Louise – Food, photography, style, parties, handmade, interiors, exteriors, colors, design and more.
  9. Thomas Murphy – Men’s fashion, interiors, kids, travel, art, photography, home decor and more.
  10. Andrew ‘Oyl’ Miller – All kinds of sports stuff, film, photography, architecture—guys stuff.
  11. Jane Wang – Food, fun, nature, happiness, simplicity, books, furniture, shoes and much more.
  12. beth kirby | local milk – Food + style and more. The theming/consistency/feel is incredible!
  13. Hair and Makeup by Steph – Hair, beauty, home decor, fashion, kids, food and more.
  14. Kathy Myers – Food, accessories, beach, jewelry, fashion, decor, interiors and more.
  15. Etsy – DIY, gifts, jewelry, gardening, art, vintage, pets, entertaining, kids, travel and more.
  16. Style Me Pretty – Everything wedding.
  17. Lauren Zwanziger – Travel, beauty, style, design, spaces, food, bath and more.
  18. Cara McLeay – Jewelry, chic, hair, beaches, fashion, travel, boho, bags, glam, travel and more.
  19. Caitlin Cawley – Style, art, design, dogs, home, shoes, jewelry, accessories, beauty, hair, kids an more.
  20. Christine Martinez Loya – Words to live by, pets, fashion, interiors, sweets, art, tech/gear and more.
  21. Rachel Phipps – Food, travel, style, interiors, treats, books, beauty and more.
  22. Katie Rodgers | Paper Fashion – Fashion, art, colors, jewelry, interiors, adventure and more.
  23. Natalie Hughes – Fashion, jewelry, beauty, hair, interiors, travel, food, art, tech and more.
  24. Luke Dean-Weymark – Photography, travel, outdoors, adventure, sports, tech/gadgets and more.
  25. Megan Gilger – Interiors, design, fashion, typography, seasons, organization, packaging, colors, DIY and more.
  26. Ben Silbermann – Pinterest co-founder; design, art, men’s fashion, furniture, gifts, tech/gear, more.
  27. Mrs. French – Fashion, design, jewelry, hats, chairs, bags, decor, art, interiors and more.
  28. veanad – Fashion, beauty.
  29. Glitter Guide – Beauty, glitter, fashion, glitter, color, glitter, food, glitter, parties and more glitter.
  30. Kate Arends – Art, beauty, style, patterns, food, crafts, home decor and more.
  31. Carrie Hampton | LifeStyleFiles – Fashion, hair, lifestyle, kids, beauty, travel, home, spaces and more.
  32. Who What Wear – Fashion, celebrities, trends, quotes, beauty, shoes, accessories and more.
  33. F I G + S A L T – Objects, style, home decor, quotes, bridal, hair, travel, jewelry, books, photography, more.
  34. goop – Publication curated by Gwyneth Paltrow; all kinds of incredible food ideas and photos.
  35. Brit Morin – Founder of Brit & Co; style, treats, decor, crafts, design, holidays, fitness, kids and more.
  36. Drew Hawkins – Stuff for guys, quotes, coffee, gadgets/tech, animals and more.
  37. eat.sleep.wear. – Fashion, beauty, accessories, glasses, art, DIY, interiors, fun and more.
  38. Serious Eats – Whoa. I’m not sure food has ever looked so good.
  39. Ideas to Steal – All kinds of interior design and decor ideas. And more.
  40. Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts – Crafts, food, hacks, fails, kids, fashion an more.
  41. Joanna Hawley / Jojotastic – Fashion, decor, adventure, art, tech, beauty, packaging, interiors, more.
  42. Sherry @ Young House Love – Projects, interiors, exteriors, design, happiness and more.
  43. c a r O l i n a – Treats, style, hair and lots more treats. Did I mention treats?
  44. SFMOMA – San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art; art, design, photography, colors and more.
  45. Caitlin Flemming – Interior design, style, home, coffee, food, entertaining, blooms, kids, more.
  46. Jessica Colaluca – Color inspiration.
  47. Kassandra Camponi – Food, art, cute, crockpot, DIY, shoes, kids, organization and more.
  48. Freshome – Architecture, home decor, interiors, exteriors, accessories, lighting, style, beauty and more.
  49. Sarah Scussel / Design Me Daily – Style/fashion, design, home, photography, shoes, hair and more.
  50. The Kitchn – All kinds of good looking food.
  51. Ez Pudewa – DIY, freebies, interiors, exteriors, fashion, typography, food, celebrations and more.
  52. Moorea Seal – Fashion, decor, shoes, wedding, beauty, bags, jewelry, hats, spaces and more.
  53. Katherine A – Fashion, recipes, holiday decor, inspirational quotes and more.
  54. Martha Stewart Living – I know this is a huge brand, but that’s because they know what they’re doing.
  55. The Perfect Palette – Weddings; the ultimate color resource.
  56. CNET – Gadgets, how-to, DIY, tech, apps, tablets, smart appliances, audio and much more.
  57. Kultstatus – Home decor, fashion, food, photography, travel and more.
  58. Real Simple – Recipes, DIY, crafts, travel, healthy eating, fashion, parents, beauty, organization and more.
  59. – A place for writers, thinkers and artists to come together.
  60. Lauren Merrill – Style, beauty, treats, illustration, jewelry, wedding, kids, cute, crafts, interiors and more.
  61. Steven McGaughey – Food, shoes, furniture, products, design, travel gear and more.
  62. Amy Huntley ( – Recipes, decor, summer, photography ideas, fun, hair and more.
  63. Birchbox – Beauty—obviously—DIY, hair, travel, blooms and much, much more.
  64. Mari – Small For Big – DIY, kids, crafts, inspiration, decor, jewelry, style, art and more.
  65. alicia + olivia – Summer, beauty, fashion, art, treats, flowers and more.
  66. The Coveteur – Closets, people, interiors, beauty, bookshelves, jewelry, the 90’s, food and more.
  67. sfgirlbybay / victoria smith – Design, bohemian modern style, beauty, lights, DIY, food and more.
  68. Dree Harper – Fashion/style, bags, beauty, prints, kids, nature and much more.
  69. Casey Keasler – Interiors, celebrations, food, gardening, accessories, kitchens, art, furniture and more.
  70. Greatist – Being healthy doesn’t have to suck. Food and fitness.
  71. Dallas Shaw – Style, beauty, kids, home, treats, weddings, crafts and more.
  72. Handmade Charlotte – DIY crafts, recipes, kid’s stuff, creativity, organization and more.
  73. Curbly – DIY home stuff; furniture, interiors, gifts, freebies, gardens, crafts and more.
  74. New Nostalgia | Amy Bowman – Beauty, fashion, DIY, holidays and more.
  75. – Style, colors, beauty, home decor, treats, gifts and more.
  76. Whole Foods – It’s not all about food here: there’s recipes, gadgets, fitness, beauty and more.
  77. Julia Engel – Garden party, decor, glam, wedding, treats, food, style, travel and more.
  78. Jennifer Hagler – Interiors, fashion, kids and more.
  79. Joie – Fashion, travel, bohemian, stripes, shoes, flowers and more.
  80. Yanko Design – Product design, tech/gadgets and more.
  81. Sylvain Querne – Tech/gadgets, travel, gifts, men’s fashion and more.
  82. 100 Places To Visit Before You Die – Travel. And… more travel.
  83. Mandi Gubler | Vintage Revivals – Vintage, crafts, DIY, plants, kids, interiors, furniture and more.
  84. Pier 1 Imports – Furniture, decor, entertaining, organization, pets, lighting, holidays and more.
  85. Peter Lennington – Wilderness/outdoors, gardening, sunsets, photography, adventure and more.
  86. Charles Wolford – Travel, architecture, tree houses, photography, gear, houses, men’s fashion and more.
  87. Design Seeds – Wow. All kinds of color inspiration.
  88. Dawn Guarriello – Style, beauty, nails, hair, accessories, bags, shoes, colors, decor and more.
  89. Ordinary Traveler – A professional photographer traveling the world & sharing the view.
  90. Tim Stanton – A New Yorker’s men’s fashion picks
  91. Cristin Priest | Simplified Bee – Rooms/interiors, decorating, party ideas, furniture, textiles, lighting and more.
  92. Meg Biram – Style, spaces, furniture, decor, lighting, art, photography, jewelry, kids, travel and more.
  93. Modern Parents Messy Kids – Parenting, organization, playtime, gifts, tutorials, kid’s health and more.
  94. Joanna Goddard | Cup of Jo – Home, design, fashion, hair, travel, baby and more.
  95. Kalyn’s Kitchen – Healthy Low-Carb Recipes, often Gluten-Free, SBD friendly, Vegetarian, or Paleo.
  96. Daniel Yontz – Architecture.
  97. Michelle Baker – Arts and crafts. LOTS of arts and crafts.
  98. – Organization, decor, entertaining, patios/decks, nurseries, interiors, exteriors and more.
  99. Denise Mares – All things flowers and gardening.
  100. Lefa – Art, quotes, photography, nature and more.

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