The 100 best gadgets to try in 2016

Yes, iPhones are cool, but there are SO many other gadgets out there that get far less press attention but deserve more time in the spotlight. So I’ve combed through the best, coolest and most useful gadgets and devices that (mostly) came out in the last 12 months that I think are worth your time to check out over the next 12 months. I’m talking about stuff that will blow your mind like a camera that uses 16 different lenses to take photos! Stuff you never would have dreamt existed like a submarine for your GoPro or a $20 Android PC or a smart wallet! The stuff on this list is going to make you smile. I have created a lot of top 100 lists over the years here for DailyTekk but never one quite like this. Let me know if you like it down in the comments so I can start saving the best gadgets I run into over the next year for a new list of the best gadgets in 2017.

Editors picks

  1. Glyph – World’s first personal theater.
  2. Graava – A small camera that auto records and edits the best parts of your day.
  3. Lily – The drone reinventing what a camera can be.
  4. Light L16 Camera – A truly revolutionary camera (up to 52mp resolution!).
  5. BLOCKS – World’s first modular smartwatch.
  6. Luna – World’s smallest 360 degree camera designed for anyone.
  7. June Intelligent Oven – Cook smarter, eat better. Watch your food cook remotely.
  8. Nebia – A better shower using 70% less water.
  9. August Smart Lock – Sleek HomeKit-enabled smart lock.
  10. Circle – Lets families manage content and Internet time across devices.

90 more…

  1. KLIO – An awesome, unexpected digital art frame/experience.
  2. SubPac M2 – Feel the bass in gaming and music (wearable).
  3. Dojo – Protect your privacy and secure the devices in your home.
  4. Boomstick – Profoundly transform the sound of any headphones.
  5. Zolt – The teeny, tiny laptop charger (charge 3 devices at once).
  6. Kiba – Auto-capture and auto-edit the best pics and vids of your family.
  7. Touchjet WAVE – Turn your TV into a touch-enabled Android PC.
  8. Noteslate – The first true paper replacement.
  9. Click & Grow – Grow herbs indoors quickly and with zero effort.
  10. Remix Mini – A $20 Android PC!
  11. Beam – The smart projector light that fits in any light socket.
  12. SmartRemote – World’s first contextual remote. Control everything!
  13. Elephant Door – A portable smart door alarm system.
  14. Canary – An AWESOME home camera and security system.
  15. Zuli – Make all of your lights and appliances smart (smart plug).
  16. Here Active Listening – Transform the way you hear the world.
  17. Nikon KeyMission 360 – 360 degree 4K action cam.
  18. Lockitron – Unlock your door without keys.
  19. Movi – The live event camera — a single camera man looks like a crew.
  20. Lucy – A robot that bends sunlight to the dark corners of your home.
  21. Tesla Powerwall – A battery for your home.
  22. TarDisk – Double your MacBook storage.
  23. eero – Blanket your home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi.
  24. Znaps – Give your iPhone a magnetic adapter like your MacBook (for cheap).
  25. ExoLens – Professional-grade photography from your iPhone.
  26. Razer Blade Stealth – THE gaming laptop.
  27. kSafe – A smartphone connected safe that helps you reach your goals.
  28. MOTI – A device that helps you form better habits.
  29. OnHub – A new router built for all the ways you Wi-Fi.
  30. Eight – An advanced heating pad for your bed to help you sleep better.
  31. Karma Go – Take Wi-Fi with you when you go.
  32. FLUXO – Smart light; point the light in any direction.
  33. Walli – Intelligent wallet. Keeps track of your valuables.
  34. Chrono – Easily make your “dumb” watch “smart.”
  35. QUBE – World’s most affordable Wi-Fi smart bulb.
  36. nexpaq – The modular smartphone case.
  37. Specter – Smart, wireless in-ear headphones from Misfit.
  38. XOO Belt – Smartphone charging belt.
  39. Kapture – Never miss funny or meaningful audio with this wristband.
  40. Soloshot – No cameraman? No problem.
  41. The Light Phone – A credit card sized phone to be used as little as possible.
  42. Lapa 2 – Never lose anything again. Stuff tracker.
  43. Angee – The world’s first truly autonomous home security system.
  44. ILY – A new home phone for families.
  45. Olympus Air – A real DSLR lens that works with your smartphone.
  46. Drumi – A washing machine you can take with you anywhere (hotel, camping, etc.)
  47. HidrateSpark – Smart water bottle.
  48. Automatic – Connects your car to the rest of your digital life.
  49. Kokoon – Earphones you can fall asleep with. Your sleep sanctuary.
  50. Floating Record – A vertical turntable.
  51. Cur – One button pain relief.
  52. Phree – High-resolution mobile input device.
  53. TiVo Bolt – Unify your entertainment system.
  54. Cinder – Never burn your food again. Sensing cooker.
  55. sideclick – A universal remote attachment for streaming devices.
  56. Ray – The last remote you’ll need. Works with everything.
  57. Lightpack – The ultimate lighting accessory for your living room / TV.
  58. Solu – The world’s smallest general purpose computer with social features.
  59. Pixelstick – Make incredible light paintings.
  60. The Grove Ecosystem – Intelligent indoor garden.
  61. TMA-2 Configurator – Build your own custom headphones.
  62. DxO ONE – A professional camera that connects to your phone.
  63. uCella – World’s first package and delivery mailbox.
  64. Form 2 – The most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created.
  65. Ulla – Make your water bottle smart — stay hydrated.
  66. Tesseract – A mouse that adds new dimensions to gaming.
  67. Atmotube – The portable air pollution monitor.
  68. Mota DOI Smartring – Get notifications on your ring.
  69. Twist – A smart lightbulb that Airplays music.
  70. Butterfleye – The world’s smartest mirrorless monitoring camera.
  71. Torch – Peace of mind for parents as kids explore the Internet.
  72. Gest – Wearable device that lets you control your computer with your hands.
  73. Poloroid Cube – Shockproof HD action cam that records for up to 90 minutes.
  74. CAST – Community viewing hub. Watch content together!
  75. UO Smart Beam Laser Projector – High resolution, small size projector.
  76. CoeLux Sky Light – Sky lights you won’t believe aren’t real!
  77. Podo – World’s first stick and shoot camera.
  78. Seawolf – A submarine for your GoPro camera.
  79. SmartyPans – Cook what you want, track what you eat.
  80. Hudway Glass – An affordable heads-up display system for any car.
  81. Pavlok – A wearable that helps you break any bad habit.
  82. Drift TV – Removes the harmful blue light from your TV so you can sleep at night.
  83. Stower Candle Charger – Charge your phone with a candle (in emergencies).
  84. Zoom Q8 – The HD video / 4-track audio cam for creators.
  85. Ruggie – A smart rug/alarm clock.
  86. Bullet – World’s smallest LED flashlight.
  87. Bevel – World’s best/coolest trimmer.
  88. HumanCharger – Beat jet lag.
  89. Dart – World’s smallest laptop charger.
  90. Bruno – Smart trash can.