The 100 best Instagram accounts of 2016

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Wow I can’t believe it’s already year 2 in our top 100 Instagram series. Last year’s list was amazing (and actually contained 150 awesome Instagram accounts) but this year is equally stunning — if not more so! This year you will find a LOT of nature, outdoor and adventure photography. I guess that’s just what I ran into most over the last 12 months. Regular readers know that I build my top 100 lists over the period of 1 year, adding items to an Evernote list as I organically encounter them. And the result is a list of the 100 best Instagram accounts I ran into during that time that I think you should check out over the next 12 months! Note: I’m trying to only include people on this list once so if someone appeared last year they shouldn’t be on this year’s list unless I made a mistake.

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Featured Account

Last year we asked you guys to support up-and-coming Instagram account pure.west and you guys really came through. Before we featured the account it had 8 followers — a year later it’s close to 1,000! Each of the immensely talented, interesting people represented below all started somewhere.

Editors’ picks

  1. Ben Brown – Photographer and daily YouTuber capturing sick travel pics.
  2. Dylan Furst – Surreal outdoor and adventure lifestyle shots.
  3. Huckberry – One of my favorite brands. Gear + inspiration.
  4. Christian Watson – Hard to describe, easy to get lost in. Hipstery.
  5. Tim Landis – Lots of fun variety; people, places and things.
  6. Onder Turkmen – Very cool travel perspectives.
  7. cimek – Some city, some nature. All amazing.
  8. Work Hard Anywhere – Showcasing the best cafes and spots to work in.
  9. Star Wars – The official Star Wars Instagram.
  10. Modern Outdoorsman – Daily inspiration for outdoor living.

90 more astounding and compelling Instagram accounts to explore

  1. thephotosociety – Contributing photographers to National Geographic Magazine.
  2. wisslaren – A Swedish photographer posting a variety of jaw-dropping shots.
  3. Louis Cole – Live the adventure!
  4. Jannik Obenhoff – A 15 year old German photographer with an eye for awesomeness.
  5. Ravi Vora – Unreal travel and outdoor pics.
  6. Slinkachu – London-based artist. Look at those miniatures!
  7. Kristina Makeeva – Moscow-based photographer.
  8. Art of Visuals – Be visually inspired.
  9. Bethany Marie – Pics from a style blogger.
  10. Sam Larson – Freelance artist from Portland.
  11. Minimal Setups – Clean, minimal desk setups.
  12. purposeofenvy – Cool nature and architecture shots.
  13. GoPro – 3, 2, 1… action.
  14. Uncrate – Gear, style cars and more.
  15. Rich Stapleton – Art director / photographer of clean.
  16. maxmuench – Berlin-based; ready to travel the world.
  17. Live Folk – Adventure.
  18. Sezgin Yilmaz – Based in Instanbul; nice pics from around the globe.
  19. Red Bull – Action.
  20. Stay & Wander – World-class adventure inspiration.
  21. Amazing Travel – Tour the planet.
  22. night.shift – Absolutely stunning views of NYC (among other things).
  23. jefferson – Exploring Paris and the French outdoors.
  24. Beautiful Abandoned Places – Just what it sounds like.
  25. Callum Snape – Dang. Now that is adventure photography.
  26. Samuel Elkins – Stunning outdoor photography.
  27. Finn Beales – Some unbelievable nature shots.
  28. insta_chicago – Cool stuff from Chicago.
  29. Poler Stuff – Outdoors, camping and adventure.
  30. German Roamers – Consortium of German photographers.
  31. Thiago Correa – This guy… is nuts.
  32. insighting – Interesting city and architectural views.
  33. followmefaraway – A dream of traveling.
  34. Michael Shainblum – Beyond stunning nature photos.
  35. Niomi Smart – Life behind the lens of this YouTuber.
  36. Marques Brownlee – Tech.
  37. moners_ – Making Germany look… wow.
  38. nextsubject – Moody New York.
  39. Gregory Woodman – Uber-interesting people and places.
  40. The Outbound Collective – Having fun outdoors.
  41. Dirk Dallas – The guy behind From Where I Drone.
  42. misterflopatrick – A talented 16 year old shooting the streets of Vienna.
  43. Country Living – As in the magazine. Nice variety of subjects.
  44. Alexandra Taylor – Wandering (and photos of people pondering).
  45. Earth Pics – Amazing pics of places, people, animals and nature.
  46. Hannes Becker – I love this German outdoor photographer’s work.
  47. Real Simple – Simply real.
  48. Emilie Ristevski – Forever wandering Aussie.
  49. kostennn – City adventures.
  50. Daniel Kordan – Unreal travel and nature pics.
  51. Great North Collective – Photographers and artists inspired by the Canadian landscape.
  52. Morgan Phillips – LA-based photographer and adventurer.
  53. The Little Market – Ethically sourced handmade goods.
  54. 1st – Urban exploration.
  55. potatounit – San Jose all the way.
  56. visualsoflife – A collective of creatives inspiring through photography.
  57. Naked Planet – Explore, capture, create.
  58. Jason Charles Hill – Australia-based travel, adventure and lifestyle photographer.
  59. Andrea Dabene – Inspirational outdoor photography.
  60. coloradowild – Pics from the great state of Colorado.
  61. aroundtheworldpics – Just what it sounds like.
  62. Jonathan Taylor Sweet – Adventure through the lens of a talented Seattle-based shooter.
  63. Ryan Millier – Absorbing urban perspectives.
  64. Griffin Lamb – Absolutely incredible outdoor photography.
  65. !LivingOnEarth – Life through the eyes of amazing photographers.
  66. Andy Best – Nomad, storyteller and space cowboy?
  67. Forrest Mankins – Portland-based adventure photographer.
  68. Cory Staudacher – A little of this, a little of that… lots of happy light.
  69. Molly Yeh – Food, adventures and farm life.
  70. Lurie Belegurschi – Landscape photographer from Iceland.
  71. Our Vintage Farmhouse – A mother sharing views from a long country road.
  72. Explore Canada – Oh Canada…
  73. Camp4Collective – Incredible outdoor exploration.
  74. HeavyMinds – New York from new angles.
  75. Discover Nature – Discover beautiful things in nature.
  76. Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim – Adelaide photographers chasing the light.
  77. Linxspiration – Crispy luxury and design culture.
  78. Adventures In Pics – The richness of life is found in adventure.
  79. purenewzealand – Official tourism account of NZ.
  80. Ben Schuyler – Adventure shoots; Seattle roots.
  81. Tim Kemple – Always down for an adventure.
  82. Eric Kimberlin – Head out.
  83. Felix Inden – Up and coming landscape and architecture photographer.
  84. Matt Donovan – Photographer/adventurer.
  85. Daniel Tran – Sydney-based landscape photographer.
  86. kyleeger – Moody.
  87. We Like to Travel – Some real pics mixed with some fakes.
  88. Fawn Shoppe – Child, mother, home.
  89. Wonderful Earth – Your awesome globe.
  90. _rangerjay – Park ranger at Grand Teton National Park.

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