The 100 Best iPad Accessories

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Prepare to supercharge your Apple iPad with the best and coolest accessories around including iPad cases, stands,  styluses, speakers and docks. I’ve done all of the hard work researching the most stylish, unique and useful enhancements on the market. Is this list perfect? Nope. But it is incredibly comprehensive. Whether you own an iPad Air, an iPad Mini or a previous model, you’ll find plenty to love here. Likewise, when the iPad 6 launches, it’s a safe bet that these manufacturers will have updated items for the latest model. If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for an iPad owner, you’ve come to the right place. If I missed anything good let me know.

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App-Enabled iPad Accessories


  1. Nest Thermostat – Smart thermostat manages your homes energy. Control it from anywhere.
  2. Philips Hue Connected Bulb – Create your own personal wireless lighting environment.
  3. Belkin WeMo Light Switch – Allows you to turn on/off lights from anywhere.
  4. Dropcam – WiFi video monitoring with cloud recording.
  5. GoPro HERO3+ – The GoPro app lets you control your camera and see a live preview.
  6. iSmartAlarm – Home security system.
  7. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 – An app-controllable drone that can capture 720p HD video.
  8. Netatmo Urban Weather Station – Personal weather station with air quality sensors.
  9. hipKey – Keep an eye on your valuables.
  10. Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor – Get plant vitality alerts and care advice at the right time.

Fun iPad Accessories


  1. Sphero – Smart robotic gaming system.
  2. Kolos iPad Gaming Wheel – The easiest way to control an iPad racing game.
  3. Dice+ – Universal board game controller.
  4. Anki Drive – AI robotics racing game.
  5. 94Fifty Basketball – The first smart sensor basketball.
  6. Classic Match Foosball – Turn your iPad into a multiplayer foosball table.
  7. Joystick It – Arcade stick for iPad.
  8. Silverlit Cars – Interactive Bluetooth-enabled remote control cars.
  9. 3BaysGSA Pro – The world’s lightest golf-swing analyzer.
  10. iTar – Fun and powerful iPad virtual guitar.

iPad Cases


  1. BookBook Travel Journal – The new briefcase for iPad.
  2. Hard Graft Tilt – Handmade in Italy. Premium wool outer, leather inner.
  3. Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio – Very thin and light keyboard case.

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