The 100 Best iPad Accessories

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Prepare to supercharge your Apple iPad with the best and coolest accessories around including iPad cases, stands,  styluses, speakers and docks. I’ve done all of the hard work researching the most stylish, unique and useful enhancements on the market. Is this list perfect? Nope. But it is incredibly comprehensive. Whether you own an iPad Air, an iPad Mini or a previous model, you’ll find plenty to love here. Likewise, when the iPad 6 launches, it’s a safe bet that these manufacturers will have updated items for the latest model. If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for an iPad owner, you’ve come to the right place. If I missed anything good let me know.

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App-Enabled iPad Accessories


  1. Nest Thermostat – Smart thermostat manages your homes energy. Control it from anywhere.
  2. Philips Hue Connected Bulb – Create your own personal wireless lighting environment.
  3. Belkin WeMo Light Switch – Allows you to turn on/off lights from anywhere.
  4. Dropcam – WiFi video monitoring with cloud recording.
  5. GoPro HERO3+ – The GoPro app lets you control your camera and see a live preview.
  6. iSmartAlarm – Home security system.
  7. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 – An app-controllable drone that can capture 720p HD video.
  8. Netatmo Urban Weather Station – Personal weather station with air quality sensors.
  9. hipKey – Keep an eye on your valuables.
  10. Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor – Get plant vitality alerts and care advice at the right time.

Fun iPad Accessories


  1. Sphero – Smart robotic gaming system.
  2. Kolos iPad Gaming Wheel – The easiest way to control an iPad racing game.
  3. Dice+ – Universal board game controller.
  4. Anki Drive – AI robotics racing game.
  5. 94Fifty Basketball – The first smart sensor basketball.
  6. Classic Match Foosball – Turn your iPad into a multiplayer foosball table.
  7. Joystick It – Arcade stick for iPad.
  8. Silverlit Cars – Interactive Bluetooth-enabled remote control cars.
  9. 3BaysGSA Pro – The world’s lightest golf-swing analyzer.
  10. iTar – Fun and powerful iPad virtual guitar.

iPad Cases


  1. BookBook Travel Journal – The new briefcase for iPad.
  2. Hard Graft Tilt – Handmade in Italy. Premium wool outer, leather inner.
  3. Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio – Very thin and light keyboard case.
  4. Don’t Panic – A simple, awesome iPad case and stand.
  5. FineGrain – Very unique and handy aluminum, wood and leather iPad case.
  6. Belkin QODE – Ultimate keyboard case made of thin, light aluminum alloy.
  7. ClamCase Pro – Keyboard case that makes your iPad look a bit like a Mac.
  8. Speck StyleFolio – Sleek and stylish protection with an adjustable stand.
  9. Targus Versavu – Find the perfect viewing or typing angle.
  10. Miniot Cover – Cover your iPad in beautiful wood.

iPad Sleeves


  1. DODOcase Durables – Handcrafted waxed canvas exterior, colorful cotton twill interior.
  2. Courier iPad Envelope – Water-repellent wool. Natural leather cap. Room for iPhone.
  3. Rollback Keyboard Sleeve – A sleeve that’s a bit more useful than most.
  4. Mujjo iPad Sleeve – Simple closure. High quality, sustainable materials.
  5. Landmarks and Lions Quantum – Premium, handmade leather and canvass sleeve.
  6. Rickshaw iPad Sleeve – Simple, snug and customizable. Made in San Francisco.
  7. RibCage iPad Sleeve – Ultra-tough reinforced protective sleeve.
  8. O’Hare iPad Sleeve – Original style and minimalistic design.
  9. Handmade Leather Monogrammed Sleeve – Made to order with your initials.
  10. Foof – A soft sleeve available in multiple patterns.

iPad Stands


  1. Magnus – Magnetic iPad stand for a high-end look.
  2. BookArc – Heavy gauge steel with a soft silicone insert.
  3. PegandAwl Easel – Wooden iPad wall mount.
  4. FLOTE – Hands-free desk or floor stand.
  5. Papercrafts – Cardboard iPad stand. Don’t let you stand outlast your device.
  6. Just Mobile UpStand – A high-style iPad stand that works perfect on a desk.
  7. HoverBar – Turns the iPad into your Mac’s wingman.
  8. V-Luxe – Unique, wooden and somewhat retro.
  9. Z3 Tablet Stand – Portable with fully-adjustable height and tilt.
  10. Facet – Magnetic pyramid stand.

iPad Styli


  1. Pencil – Advanced technology and beautiful design. Erase, blend, palm rejection.
  2. Adonit Jot Script – Fine point stylus.
  3. Cosmonaut – Wide-grid iPad stylus.
  4. Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo – Enjoy the best of both worlds: a stylus and a pen in one.
  5. iPen 2 – Pressure sensitive ballpoint pen-like writing experience.
  6. AluPen – A chunky aluminum stylus.
  7. Maglus – Magnetically attaches to your Apple cover/case. Includes multiple tips.
  8. Flaxus – A convenient stylus you can wear on your wrist.
  9. Sensu – A paintbrush for your iPad.
  10. Disney Creativity Stylus – Teaches kids how to draw.

iPad Speakers


  1. Bose SoundTouch – It’s WiFi and it sounds AMAZING. (Bose has sponsored DailyTekk before).
  2. Belkin Thunderstorm – Handheld home theater.
  3. iPad Gramaphone – Thomas Edison-style. No electricity. Pure physics.
  4. Libratone LOOP – Colorful speaker that looks good hanging on the wall.
  5. Marshall Stanmore – It’s a Marshall, what can I say?
  6. ORA – Immersive 8-speaker frame-like sound system.
  7. BeoPlay A8 – Makes your music look and sound good.
  8. Logitech UE Air Speaker – Subtle curves and a unique piano black finish.
  9. Zooka – Wireless speaker that fits on your iPad.
  10. Jukebox iPad Dock – Turn your iPad into a old-timey jukebox.

iPad Docks


  1. Driftwood – Unique docks crafted from Maine beach wood.
  2. Quirky Converge – Looks + utility. Charge two Apple devices at once.
  3. HiRise for iPad Mini – Adjustable cable height works with most cases.
  4. MCDOCKL – A stylish dock that brings back memories of Mac’s past.
  5. Mocet Communicator – HD VoiP phone dock.
  6. Kanex Sydnee – Charge 4 iPads (or iPhone) at once.
  7. PowerSync Tray – Charge multiple (10) iPads at once.
  8. Strut Launchport – Sleek and stylish charging system.
  9. Griffin PowerDock Dual – Charge an iPhone and an iPad at the same time.
  10. Belkin Express Dock – A minimalist charging and syncing experience.

Crowdfunded iPad Accessories


  1. Structure Sensor – The first 3D sensor for mobile devices.
  2. Tile – Small and sleek, yet the world’s largest lost and found.
  3. MOS – Magnetic cable organization system.
  4. Amplifiear – Clip-on sound projector.
  5. mPrinter – A small analog printer for a digital world.
  6. Thermodo – A tiny device that measures temperature anywhere.
  7. Miselu – A physical musical keyboard for your iPad.
  8. Auris – Wirelessly control all your music via a speaker dock.
  9. ChargeLight – The dockable portable battery pack and flashlight.
  10. Hone – Never lose your keys again.

Uniquely Useful iPad Accessories


  1. Touchfire Screentop Keyboard – A lightweight, clear keyboard that overlays your screen.
  2. Bluelounge Kicks – Protect your iPad without hiding it’s beauty.
  3. FridgePad – Magnetic iPad mount (can stick to your refrigerator).
  4. Strotter Platforma – Hands-free messenger bag.
  5. Eastern Collective Cables – Stylish woven charging cables.
  6. iLuv Step Folio – A super-easy way to bring your iPad witih you.
  7. Leather iPad Handle – Perfect for presentations.
  8. Recoil Winders – Cord organizer.
  9. iConvert Scanner – An easy way to scan documents as JPEGS.
  10. Acrylic Mounts – Similar to what you have seen at an Apple store.

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