The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2014

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Update: 2017’s list of the best websites is here!

Welcome to the most awesome blog post you’re going to see all year. Yep, it’s the third installment in the super-popular annual series in which I document the sites I think you’ll want to spend a lot of time on in the coming year (below you’ll find a few highlights from recent years in case you missed out). I have one major rule: a site can only appear on this list once, so there are never any duplicates. Every year this list is 100% fresh. Every list also takes on a life of it’s own. The categories change, but the grading criteria remains the same: I look at design, content and that creative “x-factor” that sets a site apart from the pack. I hope at least 95% of these sites are new to you. There are a couple that I simply couldn’t believe I hadn’t included before. You’ll know which ones when you see them. Putting together this list each year is a lot of (fun) work that literally takes many months. As I run into interesting blogs and websites I save them in an Evernote file, slowly begin categorizing them, weed out sites that don’t belong, etc. Disclaimer: if you find something you don’t like in one (or more) of the sites below, sorry, but I’m simply not able to vet every piece of content produced by 100 sites. I’ve tried my best to keep this list in the category of safe to view at work. Finally, as you spend some time on this site it is my hope that you will come to view DailyTekk as one of your favorite sites as well. I work hard to publish fresh technology finds (hardware and software), interesting opinions, reviews, roundups and more. If that sounds interesting to you, please take a moment to add DailyTekk to your Flipboard or Digg Reader account, subscribe to email updates or follow on Twitter. Enjoy, and I’ll see you next year!

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Past Highlights…

2013 Favorites – View Entire List

  1. Visual News – The cure for eyeball boredom.
  2. Matter – Crafts award-winning journalism about science, tech, ideas.
  3. Flavorwire – Cultural events, art, books, music, world news.
  4. Trendland – Design, fashion, art, photography.
  5. WhoWhatWhy – “We don’t cover the news—we uncover the truth.”

2012 Favorites – View Entire List

  1. Uncrate – The digital magazine for guys who love stuff.
  2. My Modern Met – Beautiful photography, incredible art, clever design.
  3. TwistedSifter – Photos that educate, entertain, and inspire each and every day.
  4. The Selby – Photos, paintings and videos of interesting people in creative spaces.
  5. The Burning House – If your house were burning, what would you take with you?

Must Reads

  1. DailyTekk – The best tech site you’ve never heard of. Prepare to be addicted. (Sponsored)
  2. Medium – Read the best stories based on your interests (founded by Twitter co-founder).
  3. svbtle – A new kind of magazine. Thoughts. Stories. Ideas.
  4. The Daily Dot – Your Internet. Your Internet news.
  5. The Connectivist – How entertainment, technology, and consumer experience intersect.
  6. – Weaving science, culture and philosophy into a single narrative each week.
  7. Narratively – Local stories, rambunctiously told.
  8. bltd (Better Living Through Design) – Design guide to home and style.
  9. The Kernel – Tech, media and politics for inquiring minds.
  10. War Is Boring – Exploring how and why we fight.
  11. MediaREDEF – A curated interest mix of media+tech+pop content.

For When You’re Bored


  1. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Jerry Seinfeld pals around with some of his friends.
  2. Grouchy Rabbit – Information for successful living.
  3. Fox in the Pine – Catherine shares photos of her life and inspiration from others.
  4. 2leep – Interesting links.
  5. Wonder How To – Wonderland for your inner nerd.
  6. Attack of the Cute – A collection of cute stuff.
  7. Honest Slogans – What people really think about brands.
  8. Slow Robot – Share images and videos you enjoy with like-minded people.
  9. Vat19 – Unique… stuff (to buy).
  10. This Is Why I’m Broke – The Internet’s mall.

Design, Art, Photography


  1. Serifs & Sans – Minimalism, modernism and typography.
  2. but does it float – Awesome collections of interesting art, design and photography.
  3. Stylepark – Design, architecture and designers.
  4. Shutterbean – Food, photography and pretty things.
  5. Art21 – Engaging contemporary art. Inspiring creative thinking (PBS).
  6. Design Work Life – Cataloging design inspiration daily. From the team at Seamless Creative.
  7. 70 Degrees West – Nature and travel photography.
  8. PictureCorrect – Photography tips and techniques.
  9. Design Dautore – An Italian design and trends online magazine.
  10. Light Stalking – A site about beautiful photography.



  1. Greatist – Health and fitness news, tips, recipes and exercises.
  2. NYLON Guys – Not for girls.
  3. Maskcara – A makeup artist and lover of all beautiful things.
  4. The Nest – The Web’s round-the-clock spot for hip and harried married gals.
  5. The Minimalists – 2 guys write about living a meaningful life with less stuff.
  6. Where Cool Things Happen – Travel and lifestyle inspiration.
  7. Londonist – Everything interesting that’s happening in London.
  8. Bake at 350 – Bridget is just a girl who loves cookies…
  9. Tend – Fresh advice on kids, family fun, kitchen and home.
  10. xoJane – Where women go.

That’s Just Cool…


  1. – The marketplace for successfully crowdfunded products.
  2. You Had One Job! – Gathering all the careless mistakes in one place (photos).
  3. Scouting NY – See New York through the eyes of a movie location scout.
  4. Betabrand – You want, they make. Prototypes are turned into fashionable products.
  5. Funofart – Lots of fun photography broken down into many categories.
  6. Coffitivity – Sounds that increase your creativity.
  7. Luxury Launches – Expensive, opulent, extravagant.
  8. The Good Men Project – For guys who aren’t mindless, sex-obsessed buffoons.
  9. Adventure Journal – Online magazine dedicated to outdoor adventure in all it’s forms.
  10. Collectors Weekly – Best of antiques, vintage, collecting.

Learn Something


  1. DIY – Get skills. Be awesome.
  2. Urban Observatory – Observe the “living fabric” of different large cities visually.
  3. Today I Found Out – Learn interesting facts everyday.
  4. – Learn, teach and share online lessons.
  5. My First Job – Top-notch executives talk about what they learned from their first job.
  6. Sick Science! – Easy, hands-on science experiments you can do at home.
  7. ChartGirl – For things best explained with charts.
  8. The Billfold – Everything you wanted to learn about money but were too polite to ask.
  9. Learn Vest Must Reads – Non-boring money tips and advice.
  10. Forvo – All the words in the world. Pronounced.

Current Events


  1. NowThis News – The news in your pocket.
  2. Nieman Journalism Lab – Publishing the future of journalism (Harvard).
  3. Business Insider – Tech, finance, media and other verticals under one roof.
  4. ProPublica – Journalism in the public interest.
  5. Worldcrunch – Selecting, translating and editing content from top foreign outlets.
  6. The Epoch Times – Uncensored news that values freedom of the press and humanity.
  7. On The Media (OTM) – Tackles sticky issues with a frankness and transparency (NPR).
  8. CoinDesk – The voice of digital currency (Bitcoin news, prices, charts).
  9. Talking Points Memo (TPM) – A digitally native political publication.
  10. The World Economic Forum – Improving the state of the world by engaging leaders.

Culture & Trends


  1. Reddit – A website about everything. Powered by community, democracy and you.
  2. HyperAllergic – Playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture.
  3. The Airship – Surveying literature, arts and culture.
  4. The Inquisitr – The latest stories to hit the web in entertainment, tech, news and more.
  5. HyperVocal – Purveyors of the vital and viral. Your Internet sherpas.
  6. The A.V. Club – Pop-culture news, interviews and features.
  7. The Daily What – Trending Internet culture (Cheezburger).
  8. Videogum – TV, movies and viral videos.
  9. Artlog – Everything you need to know in culture this week.
  10. Modern Mechanix – Yesterday’s tomorrow, today. Classic stuff.



  1. Daring Fireball – John Gruber talks Apple (and people pay attention).
  2. Pocket-lint – Gadget news and reviews.
  3. TechHive – Products you’ll love and how to get the most out of them.
  4. Techdirt – Insight and analysis on technology, government policy, legal issues and more.
  5. GeekWire – Dispatches from the digital frontier.
  6. The Wirecutter – The best technology to buy as determined by research and testing.
  7. Gadget Review – Lifestyle gadget site.
  8. BGR (Boy Genius Report) – Mobile and tech news, reviews, opinions, insights.
  9. AnandTech – A deeper dive into tech down to the component level.
  10. OSNews – Exploring the future of computing.

Absolutely Don’t Miss


  1. 5-Second Films – A new film every weekday.
  2. Mediabistro – News and more for media professionals.
  3. Conference Bites – Big ideas for short attention spans.
  4. Abandoned America – Forgotten places and spaces around America.
  5. Roadtrippers – Discover your America.
  6. Digiday – Digital media, advertising and marketing.
  7. Splitsider – A website about comedy and the people who create it.
  8. The Oatmeal – Comics, quizzes and more.
  9. Largehearted Boy Book Notes – Authors discuss the music they had on while writing books.
  10. Not Always Right – Are customers always right? These stories say otherwise…

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