The 100 best, most-interesting podcasts for 2016

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I used to think podcasts were… not for me. But recently, I’ve been blown away with their ability to expand my horizons. Podcasts can go places other forms of entertainment (and that other e word, education) can’t: you can listen to them on your commute or as you’re falling asleep at night (no disruptive blue light!).

Though I’ve been compiling a list of the top 100 websites every year for the last 5 years (and recently expanded into curating the top 100 Instagram accounts, top 100 YouTube channels, top 100 Viners among and other mega-lists), a top 100 podcasts list is new this year. But it’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile now because I was really interested to see what was out there and what I could load into my favorite podcast apps: Pocket Casts. Note: this is a forward-looking list of podcasts I think you should check out over the coming year.

When setting about to find the most awesome podcasts to include here I could have started with my list of ways to find the best new podcasts, but that’s not how I roll. Like my other top 100 lists, I keep track of items I find over a 1 year period and then curate that organic list into the list you see before you. It takes a lot of time and effort (and in this case I deliberately left out a few popular podcasts in an attempt to help you find something that hasn’t been thrown your way before) but I think the results are worth it. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Now that I’m (finally) done compiling this list I’m itching to make my own podcast. Hmm. If only I had time. The new podcast production studio I recently stumbled upon — Cast — might just get me down off the fence…

Editors’ picks

  1. Slack Variety Pack – This will make your job less miserable; it’s funny, chill and informative.
  2. Design Matters – Creative culture.
  3. Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin – Interviews with artists, policy makers and performers.
  4. Millennial – How to maneuver in your 20s.
  5. The Black List Table Reads – Turning Hollywood’s best unmade screenplays into ear movies.
  6. The Art of Manliness – Be a (better) man.
  7. Ear Biscuits – Funny songs from YouTube stars Rhett and Link.
  8. The Nerdist – Nerds. Interviewing people like Jason Alexander. Ya.
  9. Dorm Room Tycoon – Conversations with thinkers about business, design and tech.
  10. IQ2 – Intelligence Squared debates will make you A LOT smarter.

90 more amazing podcasts your ears might get addicted to…

  1. Serial – One big story told one week at a time.
  2. Completely Optional Knowledge – The show that answers questions you never knew you had.
  3. Gastropod – Food through the lens of science and history.
  4. Useful Science – Science is useful, but it’s usefulness isn’t always obvious.
  5. Working – How people work.
  6. The Distance – A podcast about longevity in business.
  7. The Moth – True stories told live without notes in front of audiences in 25+ cities.
  8. Inc. Uncensored – Exploring startups, entrepreneurship and tech.
  9. Upvoted – Beyond/behind the stories of Reddit’s most upvoted.
  10. TWiT – This week in tech.
  11. The Pollsters – A Democrat and a Republican discussing the week’s top stories.
  12. Surprisingly Awesome – The hidden awesomeness in everyday things.
  13. Invisibilia – Invisible forces shaping our lives.
  14. The Talk Show with Jon Gruber – The podcast from Daring Fireball.
  15. Happy Sad Confused – Josh Horowitz goes deep with the hottest actors and filmmakers.
  16. Risk! – True tales boldly told.
  17. Call Your Girlfriend – A podcast for long-distance besties everywhere.
  18. Meanwhile in the Future – Really overthinking what the future has in store.
  19. Accidental Tech Podcast – 3 nerds discussing tech, programming, Apple, etc.
  20. The Jay and Farhad Show – A tech podcast.
  21. IDEO Futures – Where entrepreneurship meets design.
  22. Longform Podcast – A weekly conversation with a non-fiction writer or editor.
  23. Codebreaker – Asking and answering fundamental technology questions.
  24. The Truth – Movies for your ears.
  25. You Made It Weird – Comedians sharing their secret weirdness.
  26. The Dinner Party Download – Arts and leisure.
  27. Layovers – The future of flying.
  28. 99% Invisible – A show about design.
  29. The Light Bulb – Stories, art, technologies and ideas.
  30. The Movie Crypt – Tales from Hollywood. Audio filmmaking school.
  31. The /Filmcast – For cinephiles.
  32. The Gist – Breaking down world events for you.
  33. Reply All – A show about the Internet.
  34. Stuff to Blow Your Mind – Like the title says…
  35. Hardcore History – Exploring history.
  36. Radio Diaries – Extraordinary stories from everyday life.
  37. a16z – Tech trends and news and what the future holds.
  38. Judge John Hodgeman – Have your pressing issues solved by “the PC guy.”
  39. Scriptnotes – Screenwriting.
  40. The Weeds – From VOX, a public policy podcast.
  41. Stuff You Missed In History Class – Fun history.
  42. We Have Concerns – A short improvised podcast about the wonder in everyday things.
  43. How Did This Get Made? – Dissecting terrible movies.
  44. Unmistakable Creative – For people with a pathological inability to accept the status quo.
  45. Manager Podcast – Dealing with every situation a manager finds themself in.
  46. HBR Ideacast – Harvard Business Review’s audio offering.
  47. A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment – Wide-ranging talks between two friends.
  48. Pitch – All about music; why we listen and what we hear.
  49. Stop Podcasting Yourself – Vancouver’s top comedy podcast.
  50. I Was There Too – Talking to people who witnessed film’s most iconic scenes being made.
  51. Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – You know, the guy from Myth Busters.
  52. Andy Daly Pilot Project – A guy playing a new character every week.
  53. Free Thinking – Talking about… everything (from the BBC).
  54. Theory of Everything – Benjamin Walker personally connects all the dots.
  55. Culture Gabfest – Everything culture.
  56. Let My People Think – Christian apologetics you can respect whoever you are.
  57. Pop Rocket – A cultural discussion.
  58. Half Hour Intern – Extraordinary everyday people walking their own path.
  59. Conversations with Tyler – Tyler Cowen hosts economists, entrepreneurs and more.
  60. Mac Power Users – Learn about getting the most from your Apple technology.
  61. Wild Ducks – World-changing people, ideas and tech from IBM.
  62. Cash’s Corner – TV, games, film and more from the perspective of a 7 year old.
  63. The Bugle – Audio newspaper for a visual world.
  64. Back to Work – Two dudes discussing productivity, communication, work, tools and more.
  65. WireTap – You never know what you’re going to get here…
  66. The Longest Shortest Time – Motherhood.
  67. What’s The Point – A sports podcast from ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight.
  68. Idle Thumbs – A weekly video game podcast.
  69. Home Work – Advice for people who work from home.
  70. Revolutions – Examining history’s great political revolutions.
  71. Theoretically Speaking – The show about absurd science.
  72. This American Life – This journalistic non-fiction program is hosted by Ira Glass.
  73. Backstory – Your (the) past is about to catch up with you (history).
  74. Material – A weekly discussion about Google and the Android universe.
  75. The Mystery Show – A podcast where mysteries get solved.
  76. Off Camera – Thoughtful commentary from iconic celebrities.
  77. K@W – Knowledge@Wharton.
  78. On The Media – What’s happening in the media industry.
  79. My Brother, My Brother and Me – An advicecast from 3 brothers.
  80. – Everything writing and content marketing.
  81. Collective Wisdom – Startups aren’t born, they’re made.
  82. The Partially Examined Life – A philosophy podcast.
  83. Philosophy Bites – 15 minutes of philosophy.
  84. State of Re:Union – The story of America, one community at a time.
  85. Farstuff – The Internet of Things podcast.
  86. Spawned – Kristen and Liz of Cool Mom Picks share unique finds and answer questions.
  87. Word Gang – Words and the people who use them.
  88. Tiny Spark – Investigating the business of doing good.
  89. Between the Liner Notes – A documentary-style podcast about music.
  90. The Story Collider – Stories about science.
  91. Startup School Radio – Lessons from successful startup founders from YC.

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