The 100 best, most-interesting websites of 2016

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Update: 2017’s list of the best websites is here!

Hi. I’m Chris. This is the 5th year I have made a top 100 list of the best websites I think you should consider visiting frequently over the next year. It’s my site’s longest-standing tradition (as old as this site itself) and I take it very seriously. That’s because I know that the sites I list here (especially those in the top 20) are going to get loads of traffic this year (and next year as well).

For 365 days, while going about my daily business, I stash away cool new websites I stumble across in an Evernote list which I then crack open in January and start curating. Of course the prerequisite time-wasters and entertainment sites are here but there are also plenty of sites with serious and substantive information (along with some real indie gems). There’s even one creative website that is made of nothing but sound!

It’s not like I endorse, love or agree with everything said or portrayed in each of the sites below, it’s that I think they are interesting or culturally relevant enough to be here. Quick thought: people keep saying the open web is going to disappear, yet somehow this list gets more and more popular every year! You can check out last year’s list here or browse through the huge archive of tech-related lists I put together almost daily. You also probably shouldn’t miss my other most-recent top 100 lists: 100 best YouTube channels, 100 best Instagram accounts,  100 best Vine accounts and 100 best Pinterest accounts.Note: please don’t copy/paste this list on your site. It took me a year to put together!

Editors’ picks

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  1. Upvoted – The best, most-interesting stuff from Reddit.
  2. All Day – Just as intellectually curious as you are.
  3. Handmade – Amazon’s Etsy tribute.
  4. Notey – Surfaces the top stories from the best blogs, daily.
  5. Staance – Discover cool stuff and share your opinion.
  6. The Hustle – The most interesting reading I’ve done on the Internet in a long time.
  7. Hopes&Fears – Life and culture from a global perspective.
  8. Ello – Cool social network with stuff you won’t find elsewhere (and no ads).
  9. How Far From Home – A couple traveling the world taking amazing photos…
  10. Bored Button – Are you bored? Not anymore…
  11. Bonus: Huckberry – The coolest clothes and gear for guys (worth signing

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