The 100 Best Vine Accounts (Viners) Of 2015

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This is the Vine list to end all Vine lists—the one that actually counts. So far this year DailyTekk has rounded up and ranked the 100+ best Instagrammers, the 100 best YouTubers, the 100 best Pinners and the 100 best blogs and websites of 2015. Today we conquer curate Vine, the site where people cram as much creativity, humor, information or idiocy into 6-second videos as humanly possible. And I will say this: Viners, you have a very, very unique community. It’s so different than the other social networks I just listed. The amount of effort that you have put into these short videos is nothing short of astounding. Kudos.

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But I will also say this: many of the top Vine “stars” are… lame (and missing from this list). 14-year-olds scaring their moms over and over again gets old fast. People being jerks or acting sleazy? Miss me with that. So I spent a TON of time sifting through crappy accounts (some with millions of subscribers, mind you) to find people who were creative, authentic, nice, talented, generally positive and didn’t appear to have to resort to cheapness to get views (you know what I’m talking about). The following list is what I came up with. Did I leave anyone out that should make next year’s list (given the criteria above)? Leave a comment!

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  1. Zach King – Vine personified. There is no better Viner.
  2. NowThis – Sparking conversation.
  3. Eh Bee – The first family of Vine.
  4. BatDad – If Batman were a dad.
  5. Katie Ryan – Half grown up. Half baby.
  6. Noah Kalina – If artsy Instagram photos moved…
  7. OneThousandOut – Yes, your mind might be blown.
  8. Thomas Sanders – Narrating people’s lives, shout outs, comedy and more.
  9. Bottlerocket – Father. Husband. Gamer. Funny.
  10. Brandon Bowen – 17, big, hilarious.
  11. Sunny Mabrey – Actor/writer.
  12. Trench – Fingerstyle guitarist and multi-instrumentalist.
  13. Simply Sylvio – A dude in a gorilla suit. Also a Vine staple. Don’t ask me why.
  14. Marks Records – Producer, artist.
  15. Jacob Carr – Funny.
  16. Gabriel Gundacker – A guy doing stuff that is usually funny.
  17. Brittlestar – Stewart Reynolds.
  18. Lamborghini – Vrooom.
  19. Exploratorium – A playful, fun learning laboratory.
  20. Chris Melberger – Funny.
  21. Vans – Boards, bikes, music and art.
  22. meagan cignoli – All about art, beauty and fashion.
  23. AstroCamp – Non-profit science academy and space camp (basically cool science Vines).
  24. Jamie Costa – Actor/filmmaker. Funny.
  25. Mirza Talovic – Art that will make you say “Wow.”
  26. Catalina Island Marine Institute – Marine stuff (cool, interesting marine stuff).
  27. BBC News – News (and what not).
  28. Hampus Hagman – Vine artist/animator.
  29. Dunkin Donuts – Yes, Dunkin Donuts.
  30. Skytrucking – Vines from a helicopter.
  31. Marnie The Dog – Just… Marnie the dog.
  32. Saks Fifth Avenue – Posting Vines from inside the most style obsessed place in the world.
  33. Mashable – Mashable has their finger on the pulse of Vine.
  34. kate spade new york – Quick, curious, playful and strong…
  35. Derek Salvatore – Really, really cool flower time-lapses.
  36. Nick Confalone – Trying to be a good dad in 6 seconds or less.
  37. Swelldesigner – Creative, crafty, goofy, fun…
  38. JesDav – Absolutely awesome animations.
  39. Jeff Hyer – Radio show host / film director.
  40. Le Seb Ettinger – Intersting loops unlike anything else on Vine.
  41. Frank Danna – Awesome animation + some funny.
  42. Reno Shaw – Wow. Some incredibly creative that aren’t just for looks. And… other stuff.
  43. Unpopular Now – The creative community of Vine.
  44. Gates Foundation – Working to help all people live healthy, productive lives.
  45. Owl Pump Yard – A living comic strip.
  46. Meg Grunewald – Actor/comedian.
  47. A Fashion Nerd – A fashion blogger.
  48. Dusty Lee Cook – Marine Blue Angel.
  49. Cartoon Network – The official Vine account (in case you weren’t sure).
  50. Chad Jamian – Funny shorts.
  51. Corduroy Cat – A cat (puppet) living out his lives.
  52. pastatute – Comedy.
  53. Joe Gaudet – Actor.
  54. Camp Omi – Get yo craft on.
  55. David Lopez – Comedy skits.
  56. Pinot – Artist with many creative sketches and plenty of great animation.
  57. Red 6 – Comedy.
  58. Nicholas Megalis – Dare you to watch 10 without laughing…
  59. Alicia Herber – Animation plus funny.
  60. yelldesign – So. Dang. Creative.
  61. The White House – Behind the scenes stuff + stay informed.
  62. Yushi – Music.
  63. Yves Das – Incredible and clever stop-motion animation.
  64. Deer Whale – Flipbook animations that rock.
  65. Tee Ken Ng – Awesome illusions.
  66. Maris Jones – How to describe…? See for yourself.
  67. Jerome Jarre – French and funny collide.
  68. General Electric – Wait, brands can create interesting Vines?
  69. Ian Padgham – Vine artist.
  70. Rob Johnston – Humor.
  71. TheCupcakeDude – Food, animation and more.
  72. Lawrence Becker – Analog animator.
  73. Khoa – Imaginative animation shorts.
  74. Gerald Andal – Very interesting real-life/animation combos.
  75. Kathy Writer – Food and random.
  76. Artismia – Stop motion and stuff.
  77. dollarstorecrafts – Heather makes
  78. Nathan Ross – Impressions and comedy.
  79. Derp – Creator of Kinetic Mechanical art and props.
  80. Us The Duo – Husband and wife music duo.
  81. Sammy Slabbinck – Animation and more.
  82. Brandon Alan – Interesting travel and nature Vines.
  83. BetterOffRed – Husband, father, Vine addict.
  84. xavieralopez – Drawings with a distinct style.
  85. The Chris Keener – He’s funny.
  86. Hombre_McSteez – Cartoonizing the world one cel at a time.
  87. Brock Davis – Visual artist and creative director.
  88. Tyler Jacobs – A guy with a beard doing stuff.
  89. Alex Walker Smith – Voice actor, impressionist and musician.
  90. Jethro Ames – Lots of creative Vines—mostly for brands.
  91. Chic-Adicta – Fashion blogger.
  92. Greg Baskwell – Funny Vines of a guy and his dog.
  93. Alex Draws – Really cool city art.
  94. Laura Verch – Travel and other interesting Vines.
  95. FJBaldus – Interesting videos. See for yourself.
  96. Hunter Harrison – Creative Vines for brands.
  97. Evan Hilton – Co-founder of #AllNaturalVines. Lots of stop-motion.
  98. David Vox Mullen – Comedian/impressionist.
  99. tzaddi – Interesting nature time-lapses.
  100. Charlie Love – Some cool time-lapse photography.

There are 31 comments. Comment?

  • I think KC James and Vincent Marcus fit the criteria and would make a nice addition.

    • Thanks for adding. Amazing stuff. Definitely needs to be on next year’s list.

    • Sounds to me like vulgarity (or lack thereof) played a part in who was selected. But I agree Logey Dogey is great.

  • Thanks for including me on the list – what a cool surprise!

  • It was nice to see that this wasn’t a list of pop page viners. I saw some great viners I adore on this list. Though I tend to agree that many were overlooked due to, perhaps, more “sweary” content. I can’t even describe it any better. Plus, isn’t this just one person’s opinion?

  • He only uses Vine for uploading videos he’s created using other applications, but Zack King is “Vine personified?” … Granted, his content is clever, creative, visually spectacular, and I’ve got nothing against the guy — but putting him in the #1 spot just for uploading his After Effects projects hurts the validity of your list (imho). There are so many great names on here of Viners who are Viners because they create using Vine. Very happy to see a number of friends make it in! 🙂 … Nevertheless, quite disappointed by the top choice.

  • Some great viners here. I’d add namestoocommon, keelayjams, zgilmartin, jach king (?), Avery Munson, RE Medlin (best ever, though not active), Pete Heacock and Marlo meekins, among quite a few others

  • Wow! This is a great list with some AWESOME talent. I am honored to have been squeezed in…very cool! Thanks for creating this.

  • I’m glad to see Maris Jones on the list. Such great material.

    Two of my favourite accounts are –

    It Came From The VCR : vine://user/979468098845683712

    OG VHS: vine://user/980543991768670208

    They both post material from old VHS tapes, both pre- and home recorded.

    And I’m glad you ignored the accounts which are lowbrow. They’re not popular because people actually like them; they’re popular because people want to be seen liking them. Sort of like a teenager filling his iPod with every Eminem track ever made. As if he really likes them all. Give me a break!

  • Glad to see some good friends in here! Fun list! If lack of swearing keeps you off the list I’ll never be here, but I don’t think it does. Tyler, Derp, CCD, Tzaddi, Kathy…I have never heard them swear! ?? if they ever have a top 100 vine couples, my wife and I better be on there ?

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