The 100 Best YouTube Channels Of 2015

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THIS is the YouTube list to end all YouTube lists—the one that actually counts. Whether you already love YouTube or are looking for a good place to get started, you’re about to discover the best YouTube channels on the planet with the funniest, most-interesting, jaw-droppingly creative, smartest, most-delicious and informative videos. This list isn’t about the channels with the most subscribers and popularity (although you will find some of the big ones here you might expect); instead, it’s about quality. 

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So far this year DailyTekk has rounded up and ranked the 100+ best Instagrammers, the 100 best Vine accounts, the 100 best Pinners and the 100 best blogs and websites of 2015

It’s literally taken the DailyTekk team weeks of research and curation to put this list together (I got multiple headaches sifting through the crappy—and even decent—channels to find what we think are truly the best YouTube channels of 2015). And it’s all categorized to make it easy to sort through. Have a suggestion for next year’s list? Mad we left a channel you love out? Let us know in the comments.

Note: DailyTekk has been making epic top 100 lists since 2012 and in all that time we’ve never done a YouTube list. We wanted to wait until we had the time to make it meaningful. Consider this the first in an annual list of the best YouTube channels of the year. Channels will only ever appear once on our list; once they’ve made it onto the list, they will not appear on it a second time (as with all our major top 100 lists).

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Just like our must-follow Instagram accounts and our mind-meltingly awesome blogs and websites, the DailyTekk team considers the channels in this year’s must-subscribe section unmissable. If you get no further down this page, make it a priority to at least checkout these 10 best-of-the-best YouTube channels. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. DailyTekk – Fact-checking product marketing (gotcha), Wow Wednesdays and more!
  2. Vsauce – Our world is amazing. Vsauce breaks it down for you.
  3. The Piano Guys – Making a positive difference in people’s lives through music videos.
  4. Good Mythical Morning – Just all kinds of (funny) silliness from Rhett & Link.
  5. Devin Super Tramp – Mind-blowing fun. Stuff you wish you could do.
  6. Russel Brand’s The Trews – An important and funny perspective on all things media related.
  7. Reach Records – Changing the way people see the world.
  8. SoulPancake – Thought provoking, done awesome.
  9. RocketJump – Creative action videos and comedy.
  10. Stuart Edge – A little bit of everything, including giving back. Awesome.
  11. The Slow Mo Guys – Gav and Dan take on the world in slow motion.



YouTube is absolutely known for things like pranks and quirky commentary, but there’s more to YouTube than initially meets the eye. While everyone and their mom is probably familiar with TED (as they should be), there are plenty of other intellectually stimulating channels on YouTube that we think are going to become some of your favorites.

  1. TED – Convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses giving the talk of their lives.
  2. Life Noggin – Weekly animated educational series.
  3. How to Adult – Edutainment. What you need to know about life but didn’t learn in school.
  4. CrashCourse – Tons of awesome courses taught in quick 10-15m episodes.
  5. Big Think –  Expert-driven, actionable, educational content.
  6. Talks at Google – Authors, musicians, innovators, and speakers of all stripes.
  7. BrainCraft – Psychology and neuroscience combine to tell you how your brain works.
  8. TestTube – Dedicated to answering smart, inquisitive questions people have about life.
  9. In59seconds – Life changing ideas in less than a minute.
  10. CommonCraft – Short, animated explainer videos.



YouTube wouldn’t be YouTube without comedy. On the other hand, you don’t have to act like an idiot or a jerk to be funny. We think the channels in this section prove exactly. Sorry pranksters.

  1. Just For Laughs Gags – You’ll laugh so hard—and it’s not even raunchy.
  2. The Tonight Show – Starring Jimmy Fallon. The trailer video alone…
  3. Bad Lip Reading – Putting words into other people’s mouths.
  4. Funny Or Die – Funny videos from your favorite comedians and celebrities.
  5. Conan – Because Conan can make an interview with a non-funny person hilarious.
  6. Jimmy Wong – Comedy and tunes.
  7. Blimey Cow – Good funny fun you’d want your kids to watch.
  8. Comedy Central – “Brings you the funniest stuff on the planet.”
  9. MEM – Funny new videos from some of your favorite YouTube creators.
  10. Jack Vale Films – He pranks people for a living.



Honestly, these are probably some of the most entertaining videos on YouTube—science or not. There’s something about learning how the world works that’s got us hooked and these creators have the art of keeping viewers stuck to their screens down to a science.

  1. Veritasium – “An element of truth” science and engineering videos.
  2. Kurz Gesagt – In A Nutshell – Videos explaining things because science is beautiful.
  3. SciShow – People who hate not knowing dig a little deeper into things…
  4. Sick Science! – Beyond cool experiments you can do at home.
  5. Reactions – Uncovers the chemistry in everyday life.
  6. SmarterEveryDay – Explore the world using science.
  7. MinutePhysics – Physics and science explained simply and creatively.
  8. Deep Look – Explores big scientific concepts by going very, very small.
  9. AsapSCIENCE – A weekly dose of science; explained whiteboard-style.
  10. brusspup – Illusions and science.



Take it from us; you don’t want to watch these cooking channels on an empty stomach. If you do, you might just eat whatever screen you’re watching these videos on. Even if your experience with food is limited to the eating rather than the cooking, you will still hunger for the creativity these chefs are whipping up. You definitely don’t want to let these channels sit on the back burner…

  1. Rosanna Pansino – Catch a new Nerdy Nummies every Tuesday.
  2. Sorted – “The best foodie community on the Internet.”
  3. ByronTalbott – New food videos every week.
  4. Laura in the Kitchen – Over 650 video recipes and growing.
  5. The J-Wro Show – Jason Wrobel, a vegan chef, entertains and cooks—at the same time!
  6. Tastemade – Connecting the world through food.
  7. Feast Of Fiction – New fictional foods cooked up every week.
  8. MyCupcakeAddiction – 2 new cake/cupcake videos every week.
  9. SimpleCookingChannel – New recipes every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
  10. Cooking With Dog – Francis the canine host narrates this Japanese cooking show (in English).

People & Personalities


A strange thing happens when you get a peek into another person’s life online; you start to feel like you’ve known them for a long time almost like you’re best friends. Well here are some vloggers who are going to entertain the crap out of you—just by being themselves.

  1. Zoella – It’s Zoella.
  2. Jamie Oliver / Food Tube – Recipes, tutorials, fresh talent, wonderful food and funny videos.
  3. vlogbrothers – Raising nerdy to the power of awesome.
  4. Grant Thompson – The king of random.
  5. Tom Scott – A good mix of entertainment and fact-spewing.
  6. CrazyRussianHacker – Cool experiments (and stuff).
  7. Andrew Huang – Really creative music and other stuff.
  8. Jim Chapman – From food to clothes to just hanging out.
  9. Alfie Deyes – PointlessBlog.
  10. Amy Walker – Actress, singer, writer.

Action, Adventure, Travel, Fun


Video as a medium is one of the best ways to transport yourself from one place to another. And the places these travelers, adventurers and thrill seekers will take you are definitely worth a few moments of your time. Who knows—you might just find some places to go, people to meet and things to do that you wouldn’t have thought of before.

  1. FunForLouis – A daily travelogue. Follow Louis on his global adventures.
  2. Dude Perfect – 5 best friends doing crazy things.
  3. JacksGap – A project born from a love of travel and good storytelling.
  4. Hey Nadine – Wanderlust, comedy and inspirational videos.
  5. soniastravels – Travel is about an attitude rather than a checklist.
  6. Inside the Magic – Your source for themed entertainment.
  7. vagabrothers – Two brothers traveling the world.
  8. Samuel & Audrey – Go around the world to experience food, culture and travel.
  9. Peter Bragiel – The greatest journeys around the world.
  10. Carly Friesen – Vlogs, travel and learning Dutch.



Whether you want to get lost in a virtual world, laugh hysterically at game glitches or pick up some tips to improve your own gaming skills, the following channels are going to leave you wanting more. Whether you love Minecraft, retro games or good old fashioned battle action, there’s something for everyone here.

  1. Stampy – Makes a variety of game videos and at least 1 Minecraft video a day.
  2. VanossGaming – Funny gaming videos.
  3. That One Video Gamer – Home of The Completionist and more.
  4. Continue? – Three guys play retro games and decide whether or not to continue.
  5. TobyGames – Watch him fail to be good at many games.
  6. TheDiamondMinecart – Daily Minecraft videos.
  7. Blitzwinger – Lots of Legos…
  8. CaptainSparklez – Let’s plays, animations, music videos, and other video game related stuff.
  9. OfficialNerdCubed – That laugh is going to get stuck in your head…
  10. Ubisoft – The official Ubisoft account.

Makeup & Beauty


Nobody really knows how to look good on their own so why not have someone tell you exactly what you need to do? And even better than that, why not have them show you? These beautytubers have what you want: beauty advice and techniques.

  1. Maskcara – Self-taught makeup artist that believes everyone is 2x as beautiful as they think.
  2. Jamie Greenberg – A celebrity makeup artist from Hollywood.
  3. Lisa Eldridge – Works with many of the world’s top A-List celebs, models, mags and brands.
  4. Sephora – Beauty news, inspiration and makeup tips.
  5. Elle Fowler – Beauty, fashion and decor—all things feminine.
  6. Tanya Burr – Fashion, makeup, baking and other stuff.
  7. Estée Lalonde – Canadian living in London.
  8. CoffeeBreakWithDani – Obsessed with coffee and beauty products.
  9. Allure – An insider’s guide to a woman’s total image.
  10. ipsy – The world’s largest and most passionate online beauty community.

Boredom Killers


Boredom. Nobody likes it, and yet everyone suffers through it. Once you’re done sifting through our 10 Ways To Cure Boredom And Find Something Fun To Do, make each of the channels below the next “to-do” item on your boredom killing list. Warning: the following YouTube channels are so addicting you’d better get several hours of food and water ready before you hit play…

  1. CinemaSins – Stuff that is wrong with movies conveniently pointed out.
  2. Numberphile – Videos about numbers. It’s that simple (and more interesting than it sounds).
  3. Matthew Santoro – Uploads a new list every Saturday. Facts galore.
  4. WatchMojo – Top 10 lists. Lots and lots of top 10 lists.
  5. DaveHax – How-to and craft videos using simple household items.
  6. kipkay – DIY, hacks, pranks and how-to.
  7. Anglophenia – For lovers of all things British.
  8. HouseholdHacker – Mods, lifehacks, science, cheats and more.
  9. The Brain Scoop – Meet Emily, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum.
  10. TopTenz – Entertaining and educational top ten videos.

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