The 100 Best YouTube Channels You Probably Haven’t Heard Of (Yet)

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YouTube is amazing. But it’s a behemoth and it’s easy to get stuck in a viewing rut — I’d say it’s practically guaranteed. That’s not too surprising when you think about it… the site is built to show you more of what it thinks you’ll like. What that actually means, though, is that it will show you similar things to what you’ve already watched. But what about the stuff you would like if you knew it existed? If you’re looking for the best YouTube channels you (probably) haven’t heard of yet you’re in the right place.

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In 2015 I made a list of 100 awesome YouTube channels and it was very popular. But the article you’re currently reading means a lot more to me. Back then I was an outsider — I wasn’t immersed in the community like I am now. I didn’t know what it meant to be a YouTuber. I didn’t appreciate what it takes to make a good channel (and now I realize that views and subscriber counts aren’t everything). Now that I’ve been making content and publishing it to YouTube for just shy of two years now I feel like I’ve got a better idea (here’s a link to my channel, if you’re interested).

This time around I compiled a list of the top channels on YouTube I’ve run into since the last list that have between 10,000 and 300,000 subscribers (with one exception, the brilliant Silently Cooking channel). These are channels that are gaining traction, that are marching toward the next big milestone (10,000, 100,000 or 1 million subscribers). These are channels and creators that aren’t taking success for granted; they’re working hard every day, every week, every month to bring fun, fresh, creative content to your sub box. In short, this list is definitely not about the most subscribed YouTube channels.

These aren’t all channels that I would subscribe to, personally, but they are all channels that I think deserve more fame and that more people would like to know about. Also, there’s no particular order to this list: seriously, check out all the channels I’ve listed and not just those at the top.

First youtube list since I’ve actually been a YouTuber myself. Nothing over 300k subscribers. Channels from 10k to 300k subs. NOT in any particular order — seriously (check them ALL out, randomly — just start clicking links).

So without further ado, please enjoy my list of the top youtube channels you probably haven’t heard of yet. I would consider many of these top channels regardless of subscriber counts. Enjoy.

  1. Steve Booker – Fashion, travel, lifestyle.
  2. Sam Sheffer – Works at Mashable and vlogs around NYC. Passionate about tech.
  3. Ash Tailor – Cinematic technology reviews known for an artful presentation.
  4. Freakin Rad – Action and adventure vids (that don’t suck).
  5. Dave Erasmus — Explorations and experiments.
  6. The Food Surgeon – Food surgery. Either creepy or fascinating. You decide.
  7. Kristen Sarah – Travel, lifestyle, skits.
  8. Nick Uhas (Nickipedia)- Science, learning and explaining the world around us.
  9. Now You See It – Exploring film themes and tropes.
  10. Canoopsy – When triangles, avocados and technology collide.
  11. Alex French Guy Cooing – A French guy and his food adventures.
  12. JoshSundquist – Motivational speaker. One legged guy. Terrible rapper.
  13. Mike and Lauren – Vlogs, how-to, DIY and even *gulp* personal finance.
  14. Dave2D – Quality videos about useful tech. Oh, and they’re amazing.
  15. vagabrothers – Getting lost in our connected world.
  16. Hey Nadine – Travel vlogs, comedy, inspiration and advice.
  17. Philosophy Tube – Olly is giving away his philosophy degree for free every Friday.
  18. Ella Rose Howlett – Short films, travel, vlogs and longboarding.
  19. Kevin the Tech Ninja – Awesome tech reviews from the dojo (a must-follow on Twitter).
  20. April Wilkerson – Woodworking and DIY — make instead of buy!
  21. Let’s Melt This – Satisfying videos of things melting.
  22. Gone with the Wynns – Bye bye 60 hour workweek and mortgage. Hello adventure.
  23. Dark Pixel – We are aspiring filmmakers who make action/VFX shorts.
  24. NikkiNSammy – Twins + funny.
  25. Silently Cooking – A cooking channel WITHOUT WORDS. Amazing.
  26. Lessons from the Screenplay –  Get a deeper appreciation for stories.
  27. Andru Edwards – Tech reviewer with frequent uploads (and very active on Snapchat too).
  28. Khyan – Short films and stuff.
  29. Ami Yamato – ANIMATED vlogger.
  30. Mark Brown / Game Makers Toolkit – Game design.
  31. Elly Awesome – Australian vlogger and presenter: food reviews, lifestyle vids and skits.
  32. Amy Schmittauer – Lift your day so you can love your life.
  33. Barshens – A weekly entertainment show… kind of like a British Rhett and Link… maybe?
  34. Nikolas Omilana – Comedy skits and parodies.
  35. SoundProofLiz – Comedy, collabs and LIZZARDS.
  36. Davidsbeenhere – Travel addict.
  37. Samuel & Audry – Travel, food, vlogs and city guides.
  38. Steven Bridges – Street magic.
  39. Cut In Half – Everyday things cut in half for your amusement.
  40. Wendover Productions – Explaining how our world works.
  41. Mandeville Sisters – Funny. British. Sisters.
  42. Allen Ortega – Daily vlogs (ukulele, travel, surfing and skating and more).
  43. NOBA Tech – Jerry Lan is an awesome tech reviewer with a great personality.
  44. Vegan Fitness TV – Do good, feel good, look good.
  45. Rikki Poynter – A 24 year old deaf vlogger.
  46. George Benson – Vlogging: travels, lifestyle, positivity.
  47. SammySpeaks – Angsty teen finds camera records videos about stuff.
  48. Simply Sims – A family sharing their love for food, fashion and everything in between.
  49. Booredatwork – Tech and entertainment.
  50. Peruse Project – Regan likes to talk about books.
  51. Morgan Yates – New beauty, fashion and lifestyle vids weekly.
  52. QKatie – Quirky food and fun.
  53. Laurbubble – Comedy, vlogs and sketches.
  54. Thingamavlogs – New Disney-themed videos every weekday (for real).
  55. Echo Gillette – Art, vlogs, drawing… that kind of stuff.
  56. thatjennybee – Silly vlogs and questionable comedy.
  57. Stewdippin – Nerd, comedian, aspiring hat model.
  58. JimsReviewRoom – Tech reviews.
  59. Beatbox Television – Daily beatboxing uploads.
  60. KriscoartProductions – Short films, videos, visual effects tutorials.
  61. beautybitten – Style, beauty and fashion with Anne.
  62. Mr. Fix It – Building and fixing things around the house — for fun.
  63. Joe Scott – Interesting, amazing, funny, mind-shifting, informative.
  64. RogersBase – If you like anime…
  65. Krystal Key – Technology and other cool stuff.
  66. The Holderness Family – A family making music, parodies and vlogs.
  67. Jesse The Reader – He loves books.
  68. Backtrack Vocals – An a capella group from NYC.
  69. ladiedottie – Travels, vlogs, adventures.
  70. Jasmine Rose – Beauty, fashion, lifestyle.
  71. RizKnows – Tech and gear.
  72. Kristina Horner – Vlogs, adventures and grilled cheese sammies.
  73. Karen Kavett – Design and crafting.
  74. Millionaire Hoy – Lots of free, high-quality workouts. Get fit!
  75. La Guardia Cross – New father chronicles.
  76. TommyEdisonXP – The funny side of being blind.
  77. Carly Toffle – Colorful British baking.
  78. Warren Nash – Just eat normal.
  79. Erik Conover – Travel vlogs and NYC.
  80. Less Junk, More Journey – Full-time RV living. Life in the Airstream.
  81. Debi’s Design Diary – Create your way to a beautiful life.
  82. BeginnersTech – Your new favorite Scottsman (reviewing tech).
  83. MrKerrah – He just wants to make people smile.
  84. Liah Yoo – K-beauty.
  85. SuperDuperDani – Daily Pokemon adventures.
  86. Painting with Jane – Awesome painting tutorials/videos.
  87. ilMAGINEblank – Inspiration and motivation every Thursday.
  88. MyLifeSuckers – Funny parodies and vids for moms and kids.
  89. Mike Boyd Video – Learning new skills really fast.
  90. Brad Hall – Uh… shoe videos… uh… haha… hmm.
  91. Origami Tree – Cool origami stuff with Jenny W. Chan.
  92. Professor Dave – Teaching science to the world in understandable ways.
  93. Gem Sisters – 3 sisters with sketches, vines and LOLs.
  94. Greg’s Garage – Cool metalworking vids weekly.
  95. Eddie G! – Comedy, dance and culture.
  96. TheLifeOfJord – Travel vlogger.
  97. RetroWeld – Fun videos of woodworking and welding projects.
  98. Crystal Joy – Mildy creative, mostly awesome (geekiness).
  99. The Vegetarian Baker – Exactly what it sounds like.
  100. DailyTekk – My channel… I can include it, right? I mean, I put it last…

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