The 15 Best New Twitter Tools for Personal and Business Use Heading into 2016

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There are so many aspects of Twitter that are fun and/or useful that it’s hard to experience them all within the official Twitter app. Put differently, there are are so many ways of slicing a stream of tweets that an entire batch of third-party apps and solutions have appeared. This post is a long overdue followup to the mega-popular list of Twitter tools I made in 2012 (note: many of the services and items featured back then no longer exist today). And it’s so interesting to see how Twitter has changed over the last few years.

I decided to mix together personal and business-related Twitter apps, services and products in this list because I think a lot of people use Twitter for both purposes. I personally love Twitter for following the interests and ideas of people in my industry. And I love that it allows me to connect with people who follow me for the same reasons. The new news portion of the app is growing on me as well. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, Twitter is actually quite important to my life.

So whether you want to find interesting content to read, want to grow your Twitter followers or simply want to communicate better with people who share similar interests, you’ll find several awesome Twitter tools here that can help you get the most out of the platform. What you won’t find is a lame grouping of Twitter clients (i.e. Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.). Enjoy!

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A Physical Twitter Follower Counter

Whether you’re an individual or part of a business team, one of the coolest things about Twitter is watching your follower count grow. But now, thanks to the awesome people at Smiirl, you don’t have to constantly refresh Twitter to know when someone new follows you. That’s because they’ve built a sleek wood and plastic physical Twitter follower counter that you can set on your desk or hang on the wall. It’s a gorgeous way to get that endorphin boost that comes from seeing people interested in what you have to say in realtime! And you can also buy boxes designed for other social networks like Facebook and Instagram.


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Read the Best Articles from Your Timeline

Twitter is great because it allows you to connect with people and interests in ways you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. But the Twitter timeline can be a very crowded place. Twitter itself has taken a stab at trying to surface the content shared by people you follow that you might be the most interested in with the while you were away feature, but there’s a new app that I think you’ll like even more. It’s called Something and it shows you only the best articles from your Twitter feed. Read them or swipe them off the screen to see another. It’s hard to think of a better way to capture and browse the most interesting articles in your Twitter timeline.


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Automatically Grow Your Twitter Followers

Back when I made a list of the top Twitter tools of 2012, Twitter was still fairly young and there were a lot of sketch tools out there aimed at helping people grow their Twitter followers at any cost. As Twitter has matured, there are a number of much more legitimate services that can help you grow your Twitter account in a non-annoying way. With TweetFavy, a service that identifies potential matches for new Twitter followers and automatically favorites tweets from them, thus pinging them and introducing your account (which they may potentially want to follow in turn), you can put growing your Twitter profile on autopilot.


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Explore Twitter’s Trending Topics

Whereas Something, the app I listed above that helps you find the best articles from people you follow on Twitter, is more about discovering content that is interesting to you and your friends and interests, Hash is an app (available as an iPhone app and as a desktop website) that helps you discover and read about topics that the larger Twitter community is buzzing about. The picture above doesn’t really do it justice; I recommend checking out the Hash app in the app store.


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See Twitter Differently

Storyline is an app from Mark Cuban that lets you experience Twitter in a whole new way. You can create content that is ephemeral (doesn’t last long, Snapchat-style), sort tweets in your timeline by accounts and tweets posted in the last 24 hours and, uniquely, get to “Social Media Zero” by viewing all tweets in your timeline. In other words, once you view a tweet, it disappears. Finally, Storyline also gives you a Social Score which helps you calculate the riskiness of the content you’re posting.

10 More Awesome Twitter Tools

  1. Narrow – Automatically grow a targeted Twitter audience using modern marketing techniques.
  2. Stats – Twitter (and Instagram) data that talks through a beautiful, simple dashboard.
  3. OneShot – Highlight screenshots of text and easily share them to Twitter.
  4. Lukewarm – Build a list of contacts (leads) from Twitter and reach out to them.
  5. – Several tools for growing and managing your Twitter account.
  6. Who Tweeted It First – Simply know who was first to tweet or share a link.
  7. Squall – The easiest / nicest way to share long(er) thoughts on Twitter (better than Tweetstorming).
  8. Life on Twitter – Analyze your Twitter account for interesting statistics and insights.
  9. Twindr – Super-simple tool to clean up your Twitter feed by easily unfollowing people.
  10. Introduce – A great way to meet people on Twitter; get insights and take action.

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