The 15 Best New Wallpaper Sources for the Coolest iPhone, Mac, Android and PC Wallpapers Ever

I don’t care who you are: we all love finding an awesome new wallpaper for our devices. That’s because wallpapers are one of the easiest ways to customize the look and feel of our devices; to make them ours. And I’ve been seeing some awesome wallpaper apps being made in recent months and decided it was time to put a list together. This list covers everything: the best Mac wallpapers, the coolest iPhone wallpapers, the hottest Android wallpapers, the freshest Windows wallpapers — even the best tablet wallpapers. Some are interactive, some change automatically, some of free, some are premium, some are for dual screen monitor setups but all are AWESOME.

Mobiles Wall

iPhone and Android Wallpapers

Mobiles Wall is a great place to find cool iPhone and Android wallpapers. The interface is sleek, there’s a varied selection to choose from (categories include: abstract, animals, music, nature, photos and many more) and there’s an easy preview mode to test wallpapers out before downloading.


Mac Wallpapers

Irvue is my goto Mac wallpaper app. There’s an incredible selection of stunning Mac wallpapers and the app switches them out automatically. You can set the interval to change from every 3 hours to every month (with several options in-between) or you can change it anytime you’d like.


iPhone Wallpapers

WLPPR is a place where you can find breathtaking satellite imagery to use as a wallpaper for your iPhone. The selection could be bigger, but there are still plenty of amazing shots to choose from (including a few from Mars!). From ice flows to mountains to deserts to oceans, these images are awe-inspiring.

Psiu Puxa Wallpapers

Mac, Windows PC, iPad, iPhone and Android (Phone and Tablet) Wallpapers

I’m a HUGE lover of all things space so naturally I’m a fan of Psui Puxa which provides nothing but amazing space-themed wallpapers. And the site doesn’t play favorites: it works with just about any device out there from desktops (Mac and PC) to tablets (iOS and Android) to phones (again, both iOS and Android). Plus you’ll get a bit of background info as to what each picture is about. Definitely one of my favorites on this list.

Wallpaper Disco

Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and Android Phone Wallpapers

Wallpaper Disco provides artsy designer wallpapers for your desktop and phone. Think bright colors, repeating patterns and basically all things hipster. Some of my favorites include: Wax, Technix MK2, Stunna Shades (haha), Headphones, and Master Levels. Many are also available as prints or iPhone cases if you really want to go all-in.


iPhone and Android Wallpapers

Topia is very similar to WLPPR above in that is gives you an easy way to find gorgeous satellite images of our planet and set them as your phone’s wallpaper. Currently available for iPhone and Android devices, Topia pulls some of the most incredible “as seen from space” shots from the European Space Agency and sticks them on your phone for a truly new perspective.


Interactive Android Wallpapers

Attention Android users: install TapDeck immediately (this is so cool). TapDeck goes far beyond wallpaper that looks good; it’s the beginning of an information adventure. Go past the picture to learn: just double-tap to satisfy your curiosity or beat that pesky thing known as boredom.


Android Wallpapers

Wonderwall is an Android app that brings you a curated list of the best nature and landscape photography wallpapers. The cool part is that every single day a new image is added. Also, every image is hand-picked so there’s absolutely no garbage to sort through.


Android Wallpapers

Meter brings data-driven live wallpaper to your Android phone. What does that mean? It means you will get wallpaper that looks really cool while telling you things like how much battery power you have left, what your signal strength looks like and how many unread notifications you have.

World View Wallpaper

Mac, Windows PC, Android and Chrome Wallpapers

I’ve saved a real stunner for last (you know, “one more thing”): World View Wallpaper. With this app you can get a new wallpaper every minute that reflects the current time around the world. You’ll see images from Jerusalem to San Francisco to the Teton mountain range to New York City and all kinds of places in-between. It’s like your backstage pass to the world.

5 More Awesome Wallpaper Sources

  1. Dual Screen Wallpapers – Apple accessories maker Twelve South curates this collection.
  2. Satellite Eyes – A Mac app that automatically changes your wallpaper to a satellite view of where you are.
  3. Gradients – iPhone app that lets you easily create colorful gradient wallpapers.
  4. Wallpaper by Behance – Get some of the most creative artwork delivered automatically to your desktop.
  5. Mac Wallpaper on Pinterest – Did you know there’s a treasure trove of free Mac wallpaper on Pinterest?