The 3 Best Ad Blockers You Can Get NOW

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As an independent publisher creating this post hurts. Ads make our site money. They keep us in business. And honestly I wish there were another, better way to stay in business because I want our audience to enjoy a fast and private viewing experience (just like I would want for myself and my family). So why am I writing this article, then, if ads are entrenched in our business model? Well, for a few reasons, actually.

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First, people deserve to be in control of their information. Second, I’d want an ad-free browsing experience if I wasn’t a content creator if I’m honest with myself. And finally, if people are going to be out there looking for the best ad blocking software and plugins they can find, I might as well be the one to help them find what they are looking for.

You know — if you enjoy reading the content on your favorite websites and knowing that the people behind those sites can afford food and a roof over their head, but are concerned about privacy (as you should be), you might simply check into Google’s Keep My Opt-Outs program as an ad blocking alternative. Just a thought. Either way, hope you find this article useful one way or the other.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 6.39.51 AM

Adguard is more powerful than a browser extension, like uBlock below, because it works at the network level. You’ll be able to block ads and tracking requests and hide the broken page elements that appear as a result (like ads that don’t fire). Privacy wonks will love the fact that most ad code gets cut out before pages even load. Adguard works in all browsers including: Firefox, Chrome, Yandex Browser, Internet Explorer. Adguard will cost you between $10 and $25 per month and comes with 24×7 support.


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 6.41.33 AM

GHOSTERY, unlike the premium Adguard, is a free browser extension. GHOSTERY claims to protect you from more trackers than any other company (with a database of over 2,000 trackers). The ad blocker is available for: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, iOS, and Android. Aside from letting you choose which companies to block, GHOSTERY also educates you about each tracker with a profile that helps you make informed decisions. As a consumer, rather than a publisher, GHOSTERY would be my ad blocker of choice.

uBlock Origin

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 6.41.54 AM

uBlock Origin has a lot of fans. It’s a Firefox extension that works by letting you choose to block ads for specific websites. If you’re on The New York Times, for instance, and want to turn off the ads you can click on the power button icon that appears in the top right of the page to do just that. You’ll also see some stats as to how many requests were blocked per site or in total since installing the ad blocking plugin.

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