The 3 Best Affordable UHD 4K TVs You Can Buy Right Now For Under $1,000

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I have to say that UHD content really blows me away. Unlike some TV features manufacturers have hoped would win consumers over in the past few years that have turned out to be a bit underwhelming (3D TV anyone?), ultra high definition content really does make you stop and think, “Wow!” Especially when viewed next to a TV that’s only capable of showing HD content at a mere 1080p resolution. And these days there’s more 4K (4 times the resolution of 1080p) content available than ever thanks to platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

But can you get an awesome UHD TV for under $1,000? Thankfully, yes. I guess you could call them “budget” UHD TVs or just think of them as more affordable than the flagship sets, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can get for a decent price. Here are my 3 top picks for wallet-friendly ultra high def TVs you can buy RIGHT NOW!

50″ Vizio P Series UHD TV


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If you’re looking for an ultra-affordable ultra high definition (UHD) TV I’d start with Vizio. Vizio has a range of more affordable but highly impressive UHD TVs to choose from including the M Series and P Series. With P Series TVs you’ll get the ability to upscale regular HD content (stuff that’s only 1080p), local dimming (Active Pixel Tuning) and Active LED Zones which will ensure great clarity and contrast all being run by a 6-core processor. And yep it’s a smart TV so you’re going to get Vizio Internet Apps Plus for watching UHD content from sources like Netflix. At this price point the P Series is only going to give you 120 frames per second as a refresh rate but that’s probably about the only downfall here. Before you check out any other options, you’ve got to see the remote — it’s AWESOME.

55″ Sharp Aquos UHD TV


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Even though this sharp has a larger screen than the Vizio listed above, it’s only running on a 4-core processor. That said, it does share some similarities with the Vizio including a 120 fps refresh rate, the ability to upscale non-UHD content and smart TV features. One feature that I really like the sound of, though, and which helps set the Aquos apart from the competition listed here is the SmartCentral feature. SmartCentral is your comprehensive guide for what to watch and it seamlessly lists content from cable or satellite alongside content from streaming sources like Netflix — it even lists content from apps. The Aquos also has an interesting stand design that you might prefer over other UHD TVs.

49″ Sony UHD TV

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 6.10.38 AM

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Again, this sony shares some of the features you’d absolutely want in a UHD TV with the TVs I’ve already listed above. You’ll of course get content upscaling and smart TV features but there’s one really interesting feature that might give this TV a bit of an edge in your mind: voice search. I think we all know exactly how much of a pain it can be to have to peck out the name of a movie or an actor using 4 arrow keys on a regular remote. Vizio attacked this problem by including a QWERTY keyboard on the back of their remote. In this case, Sony’s solution is to let you search for content using your voice. Plus, because this is a Sony product, you’ll also have access to streaming PlayStation games thanks to PlayStation Now.

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