The 3 Best Android Wear Watches You Can Buy NOW (Apple Watch Alternatives)

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Now that iPhone users can officially use Android Wear, I thought it was time for a new Android Wear smartwatch roundup. The thing is… if you like Apple products you’re probably going to stick with them and if you like Android products you’re most likely to stick with them. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see if there are people out there who really like the crossover appeal.

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And let me be completely honest and transparent here: I’ve got an Apple Watch that I absolutely, unabashedly love. A day hasn’t gone by since I bought it where I haven’t worn it. And, in reality, I really do feel that nothing (Android Wear, Swatch, Withings or anything else) can beat the functionality, versatility and straight up usability of the Apple Watch at the moment.

Okay, now that that little disclaimer is out of the way, here’s a list of what I would call the 3 best Android Wear powered smartwatches which are available to buy right now. There are definitely more on the way including an interesting new offering from Huawei, but if you are in the market for a watch powered by Google, here’s where I’d start.

Moto 360


The Moto 360 is probably the most versatile and full-featured Android Wear smartwatches. If you ask me (even though I haven’t tried it, yet) it looks like the best Android smartwatch by a mile. For starters it’s so customizable it’s almost ridiculous. It’s also fairly affordable at $149. Plus, if you’re a power-user you’ll appreciate the up to 24 hour battery life. To be honest the design isn’t my favorite, and it’s larger in person that you might expect, but it’s still the Android Watch I think I’d be most happy with.

LG Watch Urbane


So what if you want some of the functionality a smartwatch can provide but you’re really in love with the traditional looks of an old-school watch? In that case you’ll want to take a look at the LG Watch Urbane which, while more expensive, does sport that classic watch look. Starting at $349, the LG Watch Urbane definitely isn’t after the lower-end of the market. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t scream, “Hey! I’m a smartwatch!” then this option from LG is right up your alley.

ASUS ZenWatch


The ASUS ZenWatch is… different. And maybe that’s what you’re looking for. It doesn’t look traditional, that’s for sure, but it also has a small screen compared to the size of the watch itself, which is a bit odd. Still, you can’t deny that there’s a certain interestingness about the slightly curved display of this smartwatch. There are also a variety of interesting leather band color options to choose from.

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