The 3 best Mac email apps (clients) for 2016

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Not long ago there were no good email apps available for Mac. And that was very disappointing. There was a lot of interesting email apps popping up for the iPhone, but the Mac email experience seemed stuck in the stone age by comparison. Thankfully there has been a lot of development in recent months trying to solve that problem and the results are pretty exciting.

If you think about it, you probably spend A LOT of your time in your Mac’s email app if you have any kind of desk job. It’s one of your most important apps. That being the case it might as well look good. The three apps I’ve picked out below are the ONLY Mac email apps I would recommend to someone. They are the best alternatives to apps like AirMail, Mail Pilot, Postbox, Inky and even Apple’s own Mail app. Let me know which one you think looks the best!


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.37.40 AM

If you love Inbox by Gmail, you will love Boxy for Mac because it is an unofficial Inbox Mac client. Aside from Inbox’s unique features, feel and look, one cool feature is the ability to start writing a draft on your Mac that can be finished on your phone. There’s also an interface-free “Reader” mode experience for getting the most out of important emails (or newsletters). I’ve really enjoyed using boxy.


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.37.51 AM

CloudMagic looks to be the successor to be the spiritual successor to Mailbox, the email app that was bought and then killed by Dropbox. CloudMagic’s focus is on simplicity: everything about the interface is as minimal and clean as possible. I really like the look of the compose screen: the white space is gorgeous and distraction free. The only caveat here is that this app costs a hefty $20.


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.38.05 AM

Polymail is the king of Mac email clients in terms of features. You can send emails later, get read receipts to know when someone reads your messages, schedule emails to reappear in your inbox at a later time, get useful public info about contacts in a handy sidebar and lots more. The interface is pretty nice too! You can read my full, in-depth review here.

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