The 3 Best NEW Ad-Blockers for iOS 9 and Safari

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Just last week I posted an article called The 3 Best Ad Blockers You Can Get Now. It was really a breakdown of the best desktop ad blockers but today we take a look at some mobile (iPhone) ad blockers. Why? iOS 9 (which just became available) allows customers to install ad-blocking if they are so inclined. It’s not a feature that is turned on by default so if you’re looking for a great ad-blocker for your iPhone you came to the right place. Nobody can blame you for wanting a faster, more private, browsing experience.

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That said, I do have mixed feelings about ad blocking as a publisher. Please read my comments in last week’s ad blocker article (linked above) for my feelings as a person wearing first a publisher and then consumer hat. In any case, I want you to have the experience you want to have and if that means blocking ads I want to be the person to tell you about the best ad blockers you can get your hands on at the moment! Enjoy.


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.24.30 AM

I wrote about Ghostery in last week’s roundup of the best desktop ad blockers. I said it would be my personal choice for blocking ads and trackers. Well Ghostery powers Peace but Peace also offers plenty of other features you won’t find elsewhere. You may like the ability to block web fonts, hide web comments, etc. You can whitelist sites you don’t want to block content on (DailyTekk!) and you can use Safari with or without Peace so it’s pretty flexible.


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.24.40 AM

Crystal lays out specifically why it should be installed to work with your mobile Safari on their website: 4x faster web, 50% less data use, better battery life, improved multitasking and better privacy. The speed claim comes from a test of 10 large news sites. Crystal is less about providing lots of options and more about a laid-back, turn-it-on and go experience.


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.24.53 AM

Purify claims to speed up your web browsing in the form of making sites load twice as fast. It also says it can save 50% of your data usage. There is an option to whitelist sites and you can toggle whether to block images, scripts or fonts for a more personalized ad blocking experience.

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